The semi-submersible large-scale intelligent cage platform "Jiayi 178" built by Jinglu Shipbuilding was successfully delivered and left Hong Kong.


On June 8, 2019, the semi-submersible large-scale intelligent cage platform "Jiayi 178" built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for Long Island Jiayi Sea Treasures Development Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered. The cage platform was safely undocked on June 7, 2019, delivered and left Hong Kong the next day, setting a record for the fastest delivery and departure of the Jinglu shipping industry.



The cage platform is mainly used in marine aquaculture, marine sightseeing, marine fishing and leisure and other fields, using a number of domestic leading design concepts. The first is the fish intelligent feeding system, which provides the best fish feeding plan in real time and automatically executes it through big data. The second is the underwater ecological monitoring system, which provides the best feeding plan and activity path of fish through real-time monitoring and analysis of the fish growth environment. The third is the underwater fish activity monitoring system, which realizes the monitoring of fish underwater activities through various subsystems, automatically feeds, and induces fish activities through sound and light signals. Fourth, through the common fish disease monitoring system, to achieve automatic trapping of sick fish, fish disease automatic warning and so on. At the same time, the use of cloud data, fish growth, living conditions can be transmitted to the breeding center headquarters and staff mobile phone APP in real time.


This cage platform is the first large-scale marine fishery equipment built by Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry, which greatly expands the product line of Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry. The rapid delivery of the cage platform fully reflects the "pragmatic, efficient and capable" work style of Jinglu shipbuilding industry, and lays a solid foundation for Jinglu shipbuilding industry to accelerate product transformation and expand the marine equipment market in the future.


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