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Development and construction

Promote the construction of major infrastructure projects, promote area transformation and regional environmental improvement, implement the first-level land consolidation and the first-level development linkage, create a domestic first-class development and construction platform, and provide complete infrastructure facilities for the integrated development of the integrated and innovative industry, education and research city.

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Financial investment

Give full play to the leading role of state-owned capital, and invest in major projects of integration and innovation by market-oriented means such as equity investment. At the same time, the United Nations well-known financial institutions, explore the integration of innovative industrial funds, bond issuance, financial leasing and other models, gather social capital, industrial capital and financial capital, to create a domestic first-class integrated innovative financial investment platform, for the integration of innovative development and construction and industrial development to provide financial support.

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Technology Incubation

High-standard planning and construction of integrated innovation industry demonstration parks, attracting integrated innovation frontier projects and high-end business formats, building a comprehensive industrial system, promoting integrated innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, creating a domestic first-class integrated technology incubation platform, and promoting the coordinated development of regional economy.

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Equipment technical support

Strategic cooperation with central enterprises and scientific research institutes to build a comprehensive support system for far-reaching sea equipment technology, build a domestic first-class integrated and innovative equipment technology support platform, and promote the in-depth development of equipment technology.

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Boutique album high-grade samples

Album is a display platform, album design can use smooth lines, personal and corporate style

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High-end tote bag printing

Advertising handbags are designed through visual communication, focusing on the promotion and development of advertising, through graphics.

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Boutique mask box cosmetic box

Cosmetic storage box, mainly used to receive cosmetics and all kinds of private small things, in addition to a storage box

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High-grade tag

The design, printing and production of clothing tags must be very particular, especially graphic design.

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Desk calendar making desk calendar printing desk calendar design

China began to have a calendar about four thousand years ago. According to a page of oracle bone calendar in oracle bone inscriptions, prove that Yin

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Work Notepad Custom

Notepad originally refers to a booklet used to record all kinds of things. When humans didn't invent words, they used ropes.

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WeChat platform two-dimensional code

Mobile phone version of the two-dimensional code

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