China's first digital twin intelligent scientific research test ship "Dolphin 1" completed its maiden voyage

Recently, China's first digital twin intelligent scientific research test ship "Dolphin 1", which was built by Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry in three years, successfully sailed out of its home port and was officially put into use.



"Dolphin 1" is named after the "sea elf" dolphin with high intelligence quotient. It was independently developed by the scientific research team of the School of Intelligent Science and Engineering of Harbin Engineering University in conjunction with a number of industry advantageous units outside the school and a number of ship-related colleges inside the school. The ship has realized the improvement of the intelligence level of the integrated system of the ship, power, power, propulsion, navigation, control, perception and so on, it is the first "maritime mobile" laboratory for testing and verifying ship intelligent systems and equipment in China. It is equipped with multi-source information fusion collaborative detection, intelligent perception and environmental reconstruction, ship and marine environment digital twin technology three aspects of the country's leading. At present, the ship is about to sail from Penglai to Qingdao, and a series of experiments such as environmental perception, obstacle avoidance, route re-planning and digital twin system virtual-real synchronous interaction and ship intelligent equipment performance verification will be carried out along the way.



"Dolphin 1" can achieve "six roads with eyes and ears". The ship is equipped with the newly developed China's first set of panoramic 128 line/2 nautical mile lidar, 360-degree panoramic infrared vision system, 360-degree high-sight panoramic visible light vision system, sound number autonomous recognition and other intelligent sensing equipment, which can accurately detect tiny targets 0.5 meters above the water surface within a distance of 2 nautical miles, which is equivalent to installing multiple "eyes" and "ears" with super "vision and hearing", and integrated ship-borne solid-state radar, wave monitoring equipment and other guidance equipment, to create a ship navigation situation intelligent awareness system. And for the first time in China, it has broken through the multi-source information fusion and collaborative detection technology, which can provide all-weather and all-round three-dimensional reconstruction information for the ship's navigation environment, and ensure that the ship can still be heard and seen clearly when sailing under adverse conditions such as rain, fog and night.



"Dolphin 1" can be "people on the shore, the ship on the sea", not only can be controlled remotely, but also can achieve unmanned autonomous navigation. The ship is also equipped with the first set of ship digital twin system in China, and the ship digital twin technology systems such as ship digital modeling, model iterative evolution, virtual and real-time interaction, online and offline symbiosis, ship-shore mirror image are established for the first time. Operators can remotely control the remote control center of Harbin intelligent ship thousands of miles away, and real-time accurate for the ship engine, propulsion system, navigation system and other "organs" for health examination and "pulse inquiry".



The smooth delivery of "Dolphin 1" marks another major breakthrough in the transformation of China's scientific and technological achievements in the field of ship and sea. In the future, the ship will be equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles and underwater submersibles, which can carry out cross-domain collaborative detection of underwater, surface and air targets, and contribute to the continuous strengthening of the national strategy of the West Coast New Area.

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