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Developing Rural "New Business Type" and Composing "Big Articles" for Revitalization -2023 Qingdao West Coast New District Rural Revitalization Contest Skills Competition and the Launching Ceremony of the First Travel Housekeeper Skills Competition Successfully Held

On the morning of June 20, 2023, the launching ceremony of the skills competition for rural revitalization in Qingdao West Coast New area and the first housekeeping skills competition was held in Yangjiashanli Pastoral Co-creation School. This is not only an important measure to thoroughly implement the Party's 20th National Congress on regional coordinated development strategy, but also an exploration of opening labor competition in the "experimental field" of rural revitalization, it is also a competition for in-depth docking exchanges, deepening friendship and cooperation, and promoting mutual benefit and win-win results.


The event is sponsored by Qingdao West Coast New area Federation of Trade unions, Qingdao West Coast New area Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Qingdao West Coast New area Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Qingdao Rongfa Group, Qingdao Rongyuan Yangjiashanli Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Qingdao West Coast New area Tieshan Street Office, Qingdao Huangdao District Tea Culture Association, Qingdao Qianyi Tea Industry Co., Ltd. tea technician studio co-sponsored, A total of well-known expert judges from the field of tourism and accommodation management in the new district and contestants from many tourism and accommodation units in the new district participated in the activity.



This competition takes the demand for skilled talents for rural revitalization as the starting point. There are three competition events, including the skill competition for housekeeping, the skill display of new Chinese tea drinkers, and the "fragrant rice dumplings in the mountains are love" wrapping rice dumplings. The activity aims to build a platform for rural skilled talents to display their exquisite skills and learn from each other's skills, guide the rural labor force to become useful and increase their skills, and strengthen the construction of rural talent team, promote the upgrading of new business formats such as country houses, new Chinese-style drinks, garden picking, and leisure farms, stimulate the vitality of rural tourism consumption, and focus on demonstrating the results of rural revitalization and the construction of skilled personnel teams, achieving the promotion of learning by competition and training by competition The effect of promoting construction by competition has enabled the people to have more sense of gain in rural revitalization.



In recent years, Yangjiashanli District has implemented "integrated planning, ecological building, industrialization support, and party building cohesion" to accelerate the development of modern agricultural and rural industries. Through the introduction and promotion of Jiushanggou Scenic Area, Qi Great Wall Hundred Orchard, Yonggen Rhododendron Sea, Ice and Snow World, Mountain Homestay, Yangjiashanli Red Education Base, Rear Shigou Rural Film and Television Base, Pastoral Reception Room and other key projects, we continue to explore the "red culture" Red, the rural tourism brand of "Yangjiashan Liyuan Mountain and Raw Water" has been launched. It receives 210000 tourists annually, and the tourism income reaches 20 million yuan. The village collective's annual income increases by 10%, and the average household income increases by 30000 yuan.


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