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Joint Construction to Promote Development, Party Construction to Lead Win-Win-Win-The Signing Ceremony of Joint Construction between the Party Branch of Hualu Company of Rongfa Group and the Party Committee of Zhuhai Community and the Activity of "Warm Dragon Boat Festival Dumpling Enjoy Ankang"

In order to further strengthen the leadership of grass-roots party building, coordinate the party building resources in the region, and promote the co-construction and sharing of social enterprises, on the morning of June 19, 2023, the party branch of hualu company of rongfa group and Zhuhai community party Committee jointly held a twinning and co-construction signing ceremony and a visit and sympathy activity for serving party members of "warm dragon boat festival rice dumplings enjoying well-being" to discuss and promote new ideas for community development and governance.



At the meeting, the community and enterprises introduced their basic situation and advantageous resources to each other, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the cultivation of community party member volunteer teams, the construction of party building brand projects, and convenient services for the people, and jointly signed the ''Party Organization Joint Construction Agreement. The two sides said that they will take this joint construction as an opportunity to give full play to the advantages of all parties in accordance with the principle of "resource sharing, deep integration and common improvement", so as to realize a new situation of mutual promotion and win-win situation between Party building and economic development.



After the signing ceremony, representatives of party members from both sides visited six special groups in the area, including veteran party members, ex-servicemen, and disabled people with minimum living standards for more than 50 years, to learn face-to-face about their bodies and living conditions, patiently listen to their ideological trends and demands, and pertinently help solve practical difficulties, and send them Dragon Boat Festival greetings and spiritual comfort.

In the next step, the Party branch of Hualu company of Rongfa group will implement the work deployment requirements of the group's Party committee, carry out the working mechanism of red heart warming people in accordance with the contents of the "agreement on joint construction of Party organizations", adhere to the principle of "promoting business with Party building and promoting Party building with business", give full play to the fighting fortress role of Party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, Transform the political advantages of mutual promotion of both sides into practical actions of economic development, create a new win-win situation for social enterprises.

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