Rongfa Group was approved as a corporate lawyer.


Recently, Rongfa Group passed the examination and approval of the Shandong Provincial Department of Justice and obtained the qualification of the company's lawyer institution, becoming the second state-owned enterprise in the West Coast New area to obtain this qualification, marking a new breakthrough in the construction of the legal security system of state-owned enterprises in the new area.



When providing legal services, corporate lawyers can start from the actual situation of the company and combine with the actual operation and management of the company.Company lawyers serve the company full-time, better understand the company's management status and business strategy, operation mode, pay more attention to the company's actual business, market environment and other factors, put forward the combination of law and management of the proposal, so as to meet the decision-making requirements.



Company lawyers participate in decision-making arguments, provide legal advice, promote the law, and prevent legal risks.



Corporate lawyers can handle legal affairs in a timely manner and reduce business costs.On the one hand, corporate lawyers are paid according to the internal functions of the company, which is lower than the salary level of market lawyers. On the other hand, company lawyers, as company employees, can closely track and pay attention to the legal environment and risks faced by the company, have the conditions to carry out the whole process of risk management, timely intervention and take control measures, so as to effectively reduce the time cost.



Corporate lawyers can better provide professional services to the company and strictly protect the company's trade secrets.Company lawyers are not allowed to engage in paid legal services for the society, but only provide services for the employed units, and they are often more professional in the legal affairs of the professional fields involved in the company. With the company with honor and disgrace, shared adversity, with a high sense of confidentiality.



Since its establishment, Rongfa Group has attached great importance to legal work. Since 2018, the legal department has actively participated in major contract negotiations, foreign investment cooperation, and equity acquisitions. Drafted more than 100 legal documents and contracts, revised and reviewed more than 700 contracts of various types, put forward more than 1000 legal amendments, reasonably avoided the risks of various clauses, and the review rate was 100. Review and completion of more than 600 contract countersignatures, countersignature rate of 100.


In the next step, Rongfa Group will take the opportunity of obtaining the qualification of the company's lawyer institution, actively communicate with the judicial, law association and other departments, make use of multi-party training resources, and constantly improve the professional quality and skills of legal personnel. At the same time, we will further standardize the work flow of legal affairs, improve the legal risk prevention mechanism, promote the company's operation in accordance with the law, create sunshine and the rule of law, and help the construction of new areas under the rule of law.


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