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Integration and innovation is a national strategy and the only way to realize the coordinated development of economic construction and national defense construction. Qingdao West Coast New Area is the ninth national-level new area established in my country. It undertakes national strategic practical tasks such as ocean management, integrated innovation, free trade pilot zone and national-level new area system and mechanism innovation. It is the only national-level new area that has been given the creation of "integration". The mission of "Innovation Demonstration Zone.
Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Development Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise directly under the district established by Qingdao West Coast New District in response to the national strategy of integration and innovation. It was established in April 2014 with a registered capital of 2.3765 billion billion yuan. It is a company with development and construction, front-end security, financial investment, and trade., Asset operation, cultural tourism and other specialized enterprise groups whose main businesses are to undertake development, construction, investment and financing tasks such as the core area of the Guzhenkou of Qingdao West Coast New District. At present, the external credit rating of the enterprise is AA, and it owns subsidiaries such as Shandong Rongfa Ship Repair and Construction Group, Shandong Rongfa Special Equipment Maintenance Group, Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry, Qingdao Hualu Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.
Facing the future, Rongfa Group will take the opportunity of undertaking the national strategic mission of integration and innovation, with the goal of building a national first-class professional investment platform for integration and innovation, further promote the integration of integration and innovation resources, industrial agglomeration and capital operation, help Qingdao West Coast New District to build an integration and innovation demonstration zone, and contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of strengthening the army.

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