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Jinglu Shipindustry 81500DWT bulk carrier STAR ALTAIR successfully delivered the ship



On June 5, 2019, the second 81500DWT bulk carrier "STAR ALTAIR (Altair)" built by Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding for the Greek CHARTWORLD Shipping Company was successfully delivered under the witness of representatives of flag countries, banks, shipowners and classification societies. "STAR ALTAIR" is also the first ship delivered after Jinglu Shipping was incorporated into Rongfa Group.



In the next step, Jinglu Shipbuilding is confident to take this opportunity. With the strong support of Rongfa Group, it will seize the opportunity of world shipbuilding economic recovery and the opportunity of the state's policy to encourage and support the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry, focus on the main industries such as shipbuilding and offshore equipment manufacturing, accelerate the optimization and adjustment of product structure, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and provide better products and services to domestic and foreign customers.


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