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Standing bravely at the head of the tide and competing for the wind-Rongfa Group will show its heroic posture at the first talent games in Qingdao West Coast New District in 2023

In order to strive to create the best talent development ecology and make respect for labor, knowledge, talents and creativity popular in the new area, the first talent games of Qingdao West Coast new area was successfully held in Tangdao Bay campus of China University of Petroleum (East China) on June 18, 2023.



The theme of this Games is "Qingxin Huicai Yuedong the Future", which aims to build a happy sports and healthy life scene for all kinds of talents in the new area, and provide an interactive space for communication, cooperation and sharing. More than 1700 talents from 65 teams, including education, medical and health, agriculture and rural areas, new economy and other industries, as well as scientific research institutes of colleges and universities in the district, key enterprises in major functional areas, and state-owned enterprises, participated in the district. The Talent Games will feature competitive events such as sprints and relays, as well as interesting events such as rolling wheels and helping each other in the same boat. On the field, all kinds of talents burn passion and deepen friendship in the competitive struggle, fully demonstrating the positive and courageous spirit of the talents in the new area.


In this Games, Rongfa Group participated in a number of competitions such as track and field, interesting events, and so on. In the opening ceremony, the talent team composed of young talents of Rongfa Group was confident, energetic, United and upward. It fully demonstrated the sunny and passionate struggle posture of the young cadres and workers of the group, and became a beautiful landscape. In the competition, the athletes are under the scorching sun, sweating like rain, releasing vitality, challenging themselves, full of passion and struggling talents.

This event not only achieved the role of boosting energy and enhancing physical fitness, but also enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, created a positive, healthy and progressive cultural atmosphere, and inspired the majority of employees to base themselves on their positions and strengthen their ideals and beliefs. Carry forward the spirit of struggle, work hard, unite and cooperate, and strive for the mission goal of "being a good pioneer area construction demonstration benchmark" in Qingdao West Coast New District with a more progressive attitude.



For a long time, Rongfa Group has attached great importance to talent training, committed to "rejuvenation of cadres, marketization of professionals, and skills of front-line employees", implemented the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, and always adhered to "employees are the competitiveness of the enterprise that cannot be copied". Keep up with the national strategy, keep the pulse of the market, adapt to the needs of development, recruit talents, cultivate talents, and create a high quality talent ecosystem.

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