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Rongfa Group Launching Theme Activity of "Love for Dragon Boat Festival and Patriotism"


The leaves are fragrant and warm in the Dragon Boat Festival. On June 2, 2019, as the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Rongfa Group organized more than 50 cadres, employees and their families to carry out the theme activity of "Love the Dragon Boat Festival and Patriotism" to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, cultivate the feelings of the family and the country, and promote patriotism Spirit, inspire mission responsibility, and work hard to build a beautiful new area where the military and civilians are happy, cadres are proud, and desirable.



Inheriting the Dragon Boat Festival Culture and Conserving the Feelings of Family and Country



This theme activity kicked off in a song "Ode to Orange" by children. Everyone followed the teacher to learn how to make zongzi, while carrying out talent show, Dragon Boat Festival knowledge quiz activities. Understand the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, recite patriotic poems, sing patriotic songs together, recall the spirit of the sages, experience the festival folk customs, and feel the profound connotation of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The activity scene atmosphere is warm, joyful.



The red gene is passed on from generation to generation.


The cadres, workers and their families visited the historical exhibition hall of the old barracks of the Guzhenkou National Defense Education Base. Through the explanation of the commentator, watching physical objects, pictures and other historical materials, everyone, especially the young people, relived the hard years of the revolutionary period, and let the seeds of the red gene be sown in the heart and passed on from generation to generation.



Love Helps Village Visits Warm Heart


According to the unified arrangement of the group's party committee, representatives of cadres, employees and family members and youth came to the group to help the village-Liujia Village, and sent zongzi full of deep friendship to the hands of old party members, centenarians and elderly people living alone, and sent them holiday greetings And blessings. While bringing joy to the elderly, it also promotes the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and filial piety.



Through the theme activity of "Love Dragon Boat Festival and Patriotism", Rongfa Group actively guides cadres, employees and their families to inherit the culture of the country, establish patriotism, and promote traditional virtues, and enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of cadres, employees and their families, and create hard work. The cultural atmosphere of enterprising, sunny and pursuing positive energy, strive to build a warm enterprise, gather strength to build harmony, and write a new chapter of civilization.


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