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Rongqing Shanhai Craftsman Made Jiayuan-Rongji Jiayuan Marketing Center and Hardcover Model Room Blooming in Dress


Melt love mountains and seas, craftsmen built Jiayuan. On the morning of April 13, 2019, the marketing center and hardcover model room of the fusion Jiayuan project created by the state-owned enterprise Rongfa Group in Qingdao West Coast New District was opened in full dress. As the quality benchmark of the core area of Guzhenkou in Qingdao West Coast New District, once the project was unveiled, it attracted the attention of many buyers. The opening scene was crowded and the atmosphere was warm.



On the prosperous mountain and sea


As the first self-developed real estate project of Rongfa Group, Fusion Garden is located in the core area of Guzhenkou, at the foot of Dazhu Mountain, with high negative oxygen ion content, fresh air and natural oxygen bar. There are also three parks surrounded by mountains and seas, with beautiful scenery. The project is adjacent to the No. 13 subway line, with convenient transportation and convenient travel. Close to Huarun Vientiane World, Expo City double business district, regional business supporting perfect. Surrounded by famous universities and surrounded by university towns, it can be described as a livable hot spot integrating commerce, education and culture.



Ingenuity Giant Building Wide and Elegant House


State-owned enterprises offer, precision casting products, ingenuity inheritance. The bustling depths enjoy the mountains, low density community comfortable and livable. The first phase of the project consists of 4 small high-rise buildings with a building area of 105-160 ㎡, comfortable three-bedroom, elegant four-bedroom, double south bedroom, south hall and north-south transparent. Large open wide hall design, to the greatest extent to meet the requirements of living comfort. Later, will also be in the adjacent land to launch the same grade of high-quality products. After the completion of the whole project, it will become a large-scale livable residential demonstration area in the region.



Model blooms with extraordinary popularity


The decoration materials of the fusion Jiayuan project are all well-known brands, and the selection of materials is more healthy. Environmental protection materials such as ecological mud and stone plastic floor are used. The detailed design tends to be humanized, making the space more understanding of life.



In the process of visiting the marketing center and the hardcover model room, the on-site customers have a better understanding of the project and are more looking forward to the project. At the opening site, special interactive gifts such as aircraft models, Liaoning ship commemorative cups, Liaoning ship commemorative T-shirts were set up, which fit the theme of regional development and had a warm interactive atmosphere.



Tasting Hotline: 83970888 (Project QR Code)
Project address: southwest of the junction of Sansha Road and Yingshanhong Road at Guzhenkou (next to Navy Middle School)
Developer: Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Development Group Co., Ltd.

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