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Rongfa Group and Kaitou Group Jointly Carry out Ching Ming Festival to Remember the Martyrs



It is the Qingming Festival, with the breath of spring and the incomparable respect for the revolutionary martyrs, on the morning of April 5, 2019, Rongfa Group and Kaitou Group jointly organized more than 60 party members and league members to the Qingdao West Coast Martyrs Cemetery. The Qingming Festival activity with the theme of "remembering the revolutionary martyrs and carrying forward the national spirit.


Qingdao West Coast Martyrs Cemetery was approved as a "Provincial Martyrs Memorial Facility" by the People's Government of Shandong Province. The main buildings of the cemetery include the Martyrs Memorial Pavilion, Monument, East and West Cemetery, and Unknown Martyrs Tomb. 960 revolutionary martyrs were buried in the tomb area, including 231 famous martyrs and 729 unknown martyrs. 2215 revolutionary martyrs were included in the British list of martyrs.



In front of the monument engraved with "Eternal Revolutionary Martyrs", everyone stood solemnly, sang the national anthem, and expressed their patriotism.



All the staff bowed three times to the Martyrs Monument to express their highest respect for the revolutionary martyrs.



Three minutes of silence was observed, and representatives were sent to present flowers to the revolutionary martyrs to remember the revolutionary spirit and dedication of the martyrs.



Representatives of Party members led everyone to raise their right hands and solemnly swear to express their determination to serve the motherland.



Afterwards, everyone visited the Martyrs Cemetery Memorial Hall, listened to the revolutionary deeds, and relived the hard years. Historical pictures and extraordinary years have inspired everyone's admiration for the older generation of revolutionary fighters.



Through this activity, the broad masses of party members and League members received a profound education and spiritual baptism of loving the party and patriotism. Everyone said one after another that they would inherit the lofty spirit of the revolutionary martyrs, follow the footsteps of the revolutionary martyrs, unswervingly take Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guidance, never forget the original ideal and ambition, bear in mind the mission, try first, do good deeds, and contribute youth wisdom and strength to the construction of a beautiful new area!



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