Rongfa Group Speeds up the Construction of Special Equipment (North) Maintenance Base Phase II



The second phase of the Special Equipment (North) Maintenance Base is located in Park 2, Guzhenkou Collaborative Innovation Project Park, West Coast New District, Qingdao, west of Shanchuan Road and north of Yingshanhong Road, with a total investment of about 0.338 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 69500 square meters. It is a key project for the front-line security of the new district.



As a state-owned enterprise in the new area, Rongfa Group has made breakthrough progress in less than 40 days since it received the task in early March 2019. At present, the steel structure installation, exterior wall panel and curtain wall installation of three single buildings have been completed, with a total of 60000 cubic meters of earthwork excavation, 6000 cubic meters of concrete pouring, 6200 tons of steel structure installation and 26000 square meters of exterior wall panel and curtain wall.


In order to ensure the progress and quality of the project, the group has set up a special work class, which mainly leads the general dispatch and is in charge of the on-site supervision of the war. The vanguard post of Party members and the youth commando team are in the forefront. More than 400 construction personnel and more than 40 machines are fighting day and night. At the same time, management methods such as model guidance and quality inspection are adopted. On March 7, the foundation of the project was excavated. On March 16, all foundation concrete construction was completed. On March 21, the installation of steel structure columns was started. On March 31, the installation of all steel structures was completed. On March 31, the installation of exterior wall panels and glass curtain walls began. On April 13, all foundation earthwork excavation, outward transportation, backfilling, foundation concrete pouring, steel structure installation, exterior wall panel and curtain wall installation were completed.



In the next step, the group will speed up the construction of indoor mechanical and electrical installation, indoor decoration, outdoor supporting pipelines, roads, landscape greening, etc. It is expected that the project will be ready for production by the end of June.


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