Safe Production Month-Rongfa Group Launching Flood Control Emergency Exercise


In order to effectively respond to emergencies in the flood season, and effectively improve the emergency response capabilities of various projects to sudden natural disasters such as typhoons, rainstorms, and floods. On June 7, 2023, Rongfa Group organized relevant departments and project departments to carry out a comprehensive flood control emergency drill on the site of Sansha Road Comprehensive Pipe Corridor Project, a key project of urban renewal and urban construction, so as to make comprehensive preparations for flood control in flood season.



This emergency drill invited relevant leaders of the district urban construction and urban renewal headquarters and the Guzhenkou core area management committee to participate in the guidance. The event site was set up with 8 security teams, logistics support teams, rescue teams, evacuation and resettlement teams, and medical rescue teams. group. This exercise is based on the simulation background of the critical situation such as the rapid rise of water level in extreme weather such as rainstorm and the backflow of rainwater from the project.



At the beginning of the drill, the members of each team quickly assembled in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the emergency plan. During the whole process, all personnel responded quickly, emergency measures were taken properly, and emergencies were handled in place, fully demonstrating the emergency command ability, emergency handling ability and team spirit of Rongfa Group in dealing with flood conditions, and the expected objectives of the drill were effectively achieved.



Through this actual combat exercise, it not only improved the emergency rescue capabilities of various projects, but also promoted the effective implementation of various flood prevention measures, and truly achieved scientific prevention and control and scientific dispatch. In the next step, Rongfa Group will be based on practice, in view of this year's flood control situation and the characteristics of the flood season, fully implement the responsibility for flood control, establish a joint prevention and control mechanism for flood control and disaster reduction with unified command, upper and lower linkage, and clear division of labor, so as to strictly guard against death, enhance the ability of emergency response, and ensure the high-quality development of the group with high-level security.

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