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Rongfa Group Party Committee Launching Party Day Activities with the Theme of "Looking Back at the History of New District, Gathering Endeavour Strength"

In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress, polish the party building brand of "Sunshine Melting and Dedication to Me" and stimulate the vitality of party building work, on June 12, the Rongfa Group Party Committee organized the "Looking Back New District History" theme party day activity, party members and cadres representatives went to the new district archives to visit and study.



Archives are the memory of history. This activity focuses on visiting the exhibition area of "archives witnessing the west coast of Qingdao", taking history as the main line, relying on historical materials such as archives, physical objects and videos, so that party members can feel the whole picture of the historical development of the west coast in an all-round way. In the exhibition hall, everyone followed the explanation and listened carefully. They visited the exhibition areas such as "Wind up Ancient Langya, A Hundred Years of Vicissitudes, Opening a New Era, Tidal West Coast, Striving for a New Era, West Coast with Customs". Nearly 1,000 archives, nearly 100 objects and precious video photos on display in the museum truly restored the charm of the history and culture of the West Coast and attracted everyone to stop and watch. Especially in the Endeavour New Era exhibition area, party members experienced the great achievements made by the people on the West Coast under the leadership of the party, and deeply felt the magnificent course of the West Coast New Area.



This theme party day activity allows party members and representatives to learn and think while watching. Everyone has expressed the need to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, maintain their original intentions, and transform historical insights into a strong force for strengthening ideals, tempering party spirit, guiding practice, and promoting work., To polish the party building brand of "Sunshine Fusion Dedication to Me, provide organizational guarantee for the group to comprehensively promote market-oriented operation, urban renewal and urban construction, implement national strategy and other key work, actively participate in the practical action of the development and construction of the new area, and contribute new strength to the construction and development of the new area.

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