When Urban Renewal and Urban Construction are in Progress | Rongfa Group Held a Special Dispatcher Meeting on Promoting Urban Renewal and Urban Construction


In order to speed up project construction, seize strategic opportunities and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, on June 1, 2023, Rongfa group held a special scheduling meeting on urban renewal and urban construction to carry out special scheduling on all key projects undertaken by the group, to understand in detail the project progress, project examination and approval, procedures, etc., and to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems existing in project construction on the spot, With high-quality project construction momentum to enable high-quality development of enterprises.



The meeting stressed that all projects should adhere to the problem orientation, clarify the task nodes, establish a ledger of difficult and blocking problems, study and solve them in a timely manner, and make every effort to promote the implementation of the work. High-level promotion of China University of Petroleum (East China) Guzhenkou Campus West District, Rongfa Building, Sansha Road utility tunnel, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metal High-end Bearing Qingdao Demonstration Base Project and other provincial and municipal key projects in an orderly manner.

The meeting requested that the task list for the second half of the year should be deployed in advance, the supervision and assessment guarantee should be strengthened, the scheduling and observation system should be strictly implemented, the target of tackling key problems should be anchored, the information sharing channels should be unblocked, the joint force of tackling key problems should be formed, the primary task of construction should be effectively shouldered, and the project progress and project quality should be "grasped with both hands".



In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to solidly promote urban renewal and urban construction, closely follow the time node to formulate the project to promote the "battle map", and focus on the goal of "picking the stars and winning the flag" in urban renewal and urban construction in the West Coast New District, to achieve project construction list management and wall chart operations, go deep into the front line of the project, find problems in time, and effectively solve the difficulties and blocking problems encountered in the process of the project, successfully completed the task of urban renewal and urban construction throughout the year, practiced the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and contributed to the improvement of urban quality in the core area of Guzhenkou.

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