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Stimulate vitality, fight spirit, forge ahead strength, 2023 "Rongfa Cup", the first staff sports meeting in the core area of Guzhenkou was successfully held

In order to enrich and invigorate the cultural and sports life of the broad masses of workers and create a healthy, civilized and uplifting cultural atmosphere for workers, on May 27, the first workers' Games in the core area of the ancient town mouth, sponsored by the core area of the ancient town mouth and Rongfa Group, was solemnly held in the University City Sports Center of Qingdao West Coast New area, the stadium closest to the sea. The opening ceremony invited leaders in charge of the Guzhenkou Core District Management Committee, the District Federation of Trade Unions, the District Education and Sports Development Center, the Construction Section of the District Work Committee, and Rongfa Group to participate.



the staff sports meeting was meticulously organized by various units, and cadres and workers enthusiastically participated, there are more than 360 people from 11 units, including Guzhenkou Core District Management Committee, Rongfa Group, Binhai Police Station of Qingdao Public Security Bureau, Xiaokouzi Police Station of Coast Police Detachment of Qingdao Public Security Bureau, Guzhenkou people's Court of Huangdao District people's Court of Qingdao City, Qingdao Shipbuilding Science and Technology Park of Harbin Engineering University, Qingdao Binhai College affiliated Hospital, Navy Middle School, China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd., Ltd., China Railway Construction Industry Infrastructure Investment (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. Contestants compete. There are seven competitions in the Games, including "tank column", "dry land dragon boat", "inflatable rocket" and "not falling forest.



At the scene of the competition, the players were enthusiastic, energetic, cooperated with each other and showed their talents. There is a contest between speed and strength, and a contest between unity and cooperation. The figure of the athletes fighting hard depicts a beautiful landscape, and the hot competition makes the scene cheering, shouting and laughter one after another. It has effectively mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of cadres and employees to strengthen their physical fitness and passion for entrepreneurship, and effectively enhanced the centripetal force, cohesion, and combat effectiveness of cadres and employees.



All the athletes in this staff Games dare to fight and fight bravely, showing the spirit of self-confidence, tenacious struggle and unity. It has also strengthened the interaction between the government and the people, the interaction between the government and the enterprise, and has enhanced the business environment and high-quality development in the core area of the ancient town.



Stimulate vitality and fighting spirit in the competition and gather the strength of employees in the work. Rongfa Group will take this competition as an opportunity to promote cadres and employees to integrate the spirit of model workers, craftsmanship, and sports into actual work, and actively participate in the economic construction of the core area with high spirits and strong physique, and inject high-quality development into the new area. Powerful motivation.

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