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Warm May Day Thanksgiving Mother's Day ‖ Rongfa Group Jointly Launching "Our Festival" Theme Activity in Seaview Road Community

In May, Mother's Day came quietly. In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of filial piety and respect for the elderly of the Chinese nation, and to create a good atmosphere of gratitude for maternal love, care for mothers, and return to mothers, on May 13, Rongfa Group and Seaview Road Community launched the "Warm May Day Thanksgiving Mother's Day" series of theme activities.



The purpose of this activity is to enhance parent-child feelings. Through the development of parent-child activities of interaction, mutual perception and mutual knowledge, minors can be bathed in the culture of filial piety and gratitude, and guide them to know how to be grateful, how to care for others and society.



During the activity, the community volunteers first presented holiday blessings to the mothers who participated in the activity, and introduced the production methods, painting skills and precautions of the painted canvas bag in detail. Although the age level is different, every child loves Mother's heart is the same. With the help of parents, children give full play to their artistic imagination and painting skills, and smart little hands wander between canvas bags and pigments, bright and colorful patterns are on the canvas bags, and the small canvas bags carry the children's love for their mothers.



The community love flea market provides opportunities for enterprise employees and community residents to trade second-hand goods. Today, children will participate in the "flea market" charity sale to earn the "first pot of gold" in life to choose holiday gifts for mothers. At the stalls, the children took the idle toys and books at home to the flea market for sale. In the flea market, these idle items at home were given new value again.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will use this event as an opportunity to build a platform for underage growth, practice humanistic care, continue to innovate measures, and promote care for the quality and efficiency of the next generation of work.

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