Qingdao West Coast Football Club home-Qingdao West Coast University City Sports Center officially opened

On the afternoon of May 10, the home of Qingdao West Coast Football Club-Qingdao West Coast University City Sports Center was officially opened. At the same time, Qingdao West Coast team in the first home game officially started. With the aid of the event carrier, the fans were shown the newly completed stadium closest to the sea in the country. In the end, after fierce competition, Qingdao West Coast team lived up to expectations and made a perfect curtain call for the home game of the Chinese League this season with a good result of 3:1.

Qingdao West Coast University Town Sports Center includes one stadium and one stadium, which are all built by Rongfa Group. The project is located to the east of Sansha Road, north of Jasper Road and south of Longmen Road in the core area of Guzhenkou. Among them, the stadium covers an area of 140 mu with a total investment of 0.37 billion yuan. The stadium can accommodate 20000 people. The total investment of the stadium is 0.28 billion yuan, with a planned total construction area of 28000 square meters and 6000 seats, it mainly includes basketball court, training ground, table tennis hall, and match supporting rooms and other facilities. Looking down from the air, the overall shape of the stadium is like a shell, which is integrated with the surrounding mountains and seas. The top of the west stand and the gymnasium across the road echo each other in the form of sun and moon, expressing the beautiful meaning of "the sun and moon shine together, and the beach picks up shellfish. The completion and opening of the sports center will comprehensively enhance the carrying capacity of the West Coast comprehensive sports games and large-scale sports events, and provide new choices for the leisure and entertainment of the general public and national fitness.

In order to welcome our own football match in Qingdao West Coast New area, it took three months to build the University Town Sports Center contracted by Rongfa Group from the external structure to the hardware facilities. with an open space, ecological layout, colorful scene new appearance.

In the preparatory stage of this competition, Qingdao Rongfa Group, together with China Railway Construction Group, in accordance with the requirements of China Football Association, Qingdao Football Association and Qingdao West Coast Football Club, crafted high-quality products with ingenuity, strengthened scientific and technological empowerment, optimized construction nodes, made full use of BIM technical support, combined the deepening design of steel structure with Tekla, midas, sap2000 and other technologies, and solved the collision problems of steel bars at complex nodes such as section steel columns and steel bars in advance, on the premise of ensuring quality and quantity, we will continue to follow up the nodes. It will take only 60 days to complete the construction of the main structure of the 8000-square-meter underground garage and 180 days to complete the construction of the main steel structure of the 2600-ton stadium. In addition, according to international first-class standards, 100 desk lighting equipment is installed on the top of the west stand of the stadium, and high-pole lights are installed on both sides of the east stand. The illuminance of all lighting equipment reaches 1600 lux, and the lighting uniformity is high, which can well meet the needs of night competitions.

The sports center of Qingdao West Coast University Town adopts the domestic first-class standard lawn, which has the characteristics of strong vitality, tread resistance, wear resistance and cold resistance. In order to meet the competition, the lawn of the stadium has been extended to 112 meters in length and 72 meters in width. The sufficient extension area has created good conditions for players to gallop on the green field. In addition, the construction unit has also carried out an overall transformation of the surrounding landscape and roads to improve the richness and coverage of plant species. The road leading to the sports center is lined with forest trails, full of metasequoia and characteristic planting altars. Adhering to the concept of "ecology, nature and beauty", the University City Sports Center not only provides a nearly perfect competition venue, but also creates an excellent outdoor fitness venue for citizens who come to exercise, creating an open sports park atmosphere. The venues are green in the four seasons and the seasons are distinct. The colorful splendor of the sports center not only better serves the public sports, but also adds a touch of unique scenery to the urban landscape.

Many fans and friends were already attracted by the atmosphere of the home court when they came to the stadium. On the outer wall of the sports center, many huge publicity posters were hung, and the team song "Fight! West Coast" resounded throughout the stadium, overlooking the sports center, and the giant Tifo "Fight West Coast" in the north stand shocked and grabbed the mirror. The composition of a good club, in addition to the team to have excellent results, the fans are also a very important part. At the scene of the game, tens of thousands of fans with a uniform output "war roar", with a rhythm to ignite the audience, waving the flag, scattering color, singing war songs, beating war drums ...... All kinds of wonderful interactive links are dizzying, the vigorous strength of the fans make the home more and more vibrant, here we taste the unique power given by football, writing the history of football belonging to the west coast of Qingdao! From May 10th to November 5th, a total of 15 games will be staged at the Qingdao West Coast University City Sports Center. The University City Sports Center is ready to go, cheering for the home court with an all-out attitude.

In the future, Qingdao West Coast New area will take the opening of the sports center and the team's home debut in the new season as an opportunity to speed up the construction of football venues and other hardware facilities, strengthen the construction and promotion of football culture, and create a brand of boutique football events. we will promote the marketization and large-scale development of the football industry, strengthen professional football, expand mass football, and help enhance the influence of Qingdao football in an all-round way, in order to promote the sports cause of the West Coast New area and Qingdao to create resplendence, and inject strong impetus and vitality into the high-quality development of the city.

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