Rongfa Group Hualu Company: Expanding School-Enterprise "Circle of Friends" to Create "Upgraded Version" of Cooperation"


In order to promote the normalization of school-enterprise cooperation and serve the development of local economy, recently, President Ren Ruibo and Professor Geng Litao of Shandong Jianzhu University's school-enterprise partners of Rongfa Group Hualu Company, together with relevant leaders of Shandong Expressway Hubei Fanwei Expressway Company, visited Hualu Company's high-performance cold supplement achievement transformation base to inspect and discuss the high-performance cold supplement transformation, application of temperature regeneration technology and project cooperation between the two sides.



The high-performance cold supplement achievement transformation base is the first "experimental field" for school-enterprise cooperation between the School of Transportation Engineering and Hualu Company. Since its completion for more than a year, the project has been operating well, with a high conversion rate of results, and has realized the transition from technology to products. Smooth transition. The products produced by the base have been widely used in many projects in the new district and surrounding counties and cities, and the product quality has been generally recognized by customers, and the market has responded enthusiastically. Up to now, a total of nearly 1000 tons have been produced, and it took only one year to recover the investment in the early equipment, with significant economic benefits.



This time, Dean Ren and his party also brought a new technology developed by the college-high-performance asphalt pavement temperature recycling technology. The technology can fully activate the activity of asphalt, reduce the construction temperature by more than 30 ℃, increase the RAP mixing ratio by more than 70%, realize the double regeneration of asphalt binder and aggregate, and improve the low temperature crack resistance, water stability and fatigue characteristics significantly. At present, the technology has been successfully tested in many high-speed tests such as Beijing and Taiwan. It is estimated that after the introduction of the technology, the cost per ton of asphalt mixture can be reduced by about 50 yuan. According to the annual output of 150000 tons of Hualu company, the annual cost can be saved by about 7.5 million yuan. The technology has greatly reduced the production cost on the basis of improving the product quality. At the same time, the technology can reduce the total amount of flue gas emissions from mixing equipment and the waste substances in the flue gas, and the measured concentration of flue gas can be reduced by more than 80%, which has extremely high environmental protection and ecology, and has significant economic, social and ecological environmental protection benefits. This technology can be seamlessly integrated with the thermal regeneration equipment purchased by Hualu Company in the early stage. Through this technical cooperation, Hualu Company will further enhance its market competitiveness and environmental protection level.



In the next step, Rongfa Group Hualu Company will rely on the scientific research strength of Shandong Jianzhu University Transportation Engineering College and other universities to broaden the "circle of friends" for win-win cooperation, strengthen cooperation with Hubei Fanwei Expressway Company in product development, technology transformation, project development and expansion, realize the "strong combination" of university academic resources and enterprise industry resources, promote the long-term sustainable development of enterprises, and better serve the construction of urban infrastructure.

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