The first lesson of "site class" in the west coast new district starts! The builders share the "spiritual food"


"Workers, there is an old and new building material that is popular, and that is 'wood structure'. Today, let's immerse and experience the architectural style of wood structure together..." On March 14, the first phase of the "Site Class" training activity of the 2023 Project Quality Improvement Special Action in Qingdao West Coast New District was held in the Zhangjialou Art and Cultural Base Project of Rongfa Group, more than 100 representatives from the construction departments of major functional areas in the new area and construction enterprises in the new area (resident area) participated in the activity.



This "construction site lecture hall" training activity closely focuses on the deployment of the province's three-year action plan to promote the high-quality development of the construction industry, rivets the general requirements of the "Innovation Breakthrough Year" activity in the West Coast New District, takes "wood structure" as the theme, and puts the classroom on the construction site. In the hot working atmosphere, the construction unit has made a systematic explanation and training on the construction technology of glulam structure engineering, experience sharing and mutual exchange were carried out on the quality control of key parts and key links in the construction process, and detailed practice manuals were issued to effectively "learn, take back, and use" the training content ". Participants expressed that they have a new and intuitive understanding of the construction of the "wood structure" project through training and learning. In the future, they will take high-quality projects as an example, with high standards and strict requirements, and continuously improve the construction level and project quality.



Zhangjialou Art and Culture Base Project is located on the north side of Zhangyuan North Road and west side of Painted Village Road in Zhangjialou Street of West Coast New District. It is invested and constructed by Rongfa Group with a total investment of 77.5574 million yuan, a total land area of 6930 ㎡, a construction area of 2074.56 ㎡, and a total construction area of 4089.98 ㎡. It is divided into east and west areas. The main structure adopts a structural system supported by glued wood frame and steel (wood), and partially adopts steel structure.

The east area is an L-shaped two-story wood structure building, the main function is the exhibition hall and office. The West End is a two-story wooden building with two inner courtyards, the main function of which is reception and artistic creation. The buildings in the east and west districts adopt modern wood structure, and the changeable undulating slope roof forms a rich skyline. Combined with the exposed wood structure, transparent floor glass and the central landscape of courtyard temperament, it forms a concise, lively, natural and harmonious architectural style with great artistic tension. Through the full integration of landscape and architecture, the two districts create an ecological artistic and humanistic space and a public cultural space with high-quality inner court and outer court scenery.



Wood structure buildings have the advantages of high seismic performance, green environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving, and strong durability, which are gradually popular, but the construction process is complex. The construction difficulty of the project mainly focuses on the large overall span of the wooden roof truss, the on-site beam and column materials are assembled by glued wood components through connectors, the assembly accuracy control is difficult, and the overall performance of the roof truss lifting and use is relatively poor, which brings challenges to the on-site construction. To this end, Rongfa Group cooperates closely with Kunlun Green Construction, Qingdao Yilian Construction Group and other participating units and organizes carefully. During the construction process, it uses 3D modeling to restore the wooden structure building, and adopts the intelligent assembly line of mechanical arms to realize digital, intelligent and accurate processing. Its maximum width can reach 3 meters. After entering the site, the wood is finally completed through the processes of lamina knuckling-cutting-lamina mechanical cutting and polishing-lamina gluing-straight beam pressing-glued wood polishing-grooving and punching. The important indexes of the material such as bending resistance, corrosion resistance, water content and environmental protection all meet the national standards. At the same time, it has the strength of steel and also has special training for fire resistance.

After the completion of the project, it will add another platform for art and cultural exchange, learning and publicity in the new area to meet the growing cultural needs of the people.



In the future, Rongfa Group will adhere to the principle of "project is king", shoulder the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, actively give full play to the advantages of resource coordination, and work with all parties involved in the construction to create a high-quality online red project, enabling it to release the new vitality of the cultural industry of "oil painting town" in Zhangjialou Street, enhance the soft power of rural development, and build a solid "spiritual home" for rural revitalization ".

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