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Bridge, Platform and Development-Qingdao Economic Association Enters Rongfa Group


Build a platform for cooperation and deepen integration and development. On March 24, the entrepreneur salon forum and exchange meeting sponsored by Qingdao Economic Association was held in Rongfa group. Entrepreneurs from different fields and backgrounds gathered together to learn from each other and share a feast of thinking collision.



This event adopts the method of "discussion, exchange and field observation", aiming to build a platform for entrepreneurs to promote cooperation. The event invited Qingdao Zhenqing Bus Co., Ltd., Qingdao Dongchang Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Zhonghengxin Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. Relevant persons in charge of more than 40 companies, including Shandong Hanfeng Holding Group Co., Ltd., actively shared and spoke freely at the symposium, and exchanged the current situation and future development trend of their respective companies, subsequently, Liu Yong, secretary general of the Qingdao Economic Association, presented the vice president unit plaque to Li Rongrong, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Qingdao Rongfa Group, expressing congratulations and thanks to the group.



After the meeting, business representatives visited the exhibition hall in the core area of Guzhenkou and the demonstration area of Qingdao for rural revitalization in Yangjiashan to learn about the responsibilities and responsibilities of Rongfa Group in the national strategy of service integration and innovation and rural revitalization. This event closely follows the development trend of the times, implements the concept of focusing on entrepreneurship, and establishes a rapid interactive channel for enterprises, so that entrepreneurs can face-to-face share their experience and practices in business philosophy and development ideas, and expand and strengthen the development of enterprises. The "circle of friends" contributes to the development of enterprises.



Founded in 1980, Qingdao Economic Association is a social organization composed of national, provincial and municipal economic experts, leaders of government departments and outstanding entrepreneurs. In 2016, it was rated as "advanced unit of national excellent social science organization". At present, the honorary president of the sixth Council of Qingdao Economic Association is composed of Zong he (President), former vice mayor of Qingdao Municipal people's Government; Wu Jingjian, former vice mayor of Qingdao Municipal people's Government; Zhang Ruimin, former chairman of Haier Group; the vice president is composed of a number of expert tutors from the school of economics, school of management and business school of famous universities, as well as leaders of well-known large enterprise groups. In the past 40 years since its establishment, Qingdao Economic Association has participated in and organized more than 100 national, provincial and municipal economic seminars and forum activities. Experts from the society have studied, investigated and made decisions on economic topics for national, provincial and municipal government departments, analyzed the economic development situation and offered suggestions. It has made positive and effective contributions to double recruitment, project cooperation and social services. Plan and organize series of activities such as "Innovation Qingdao", "Brand Qingdao", "Vitality Qingdao" and the publication and distribution of research results. For the enterprise economic management consulting, enterprise management training, brand planning and publicity to provide a professional comprehensive service. Qingdao Economic Association has become a high-end platform for government leaders, economic management experts, entrepreneur representatives and other common economic theory research, economic development decision-making, enterprise management consulting, and development experience exchange.

Facing the future, Rongfa Group will play the leading role of the vice chairman unit, build a cooperation platform, innovate cooperation mechanisms, and earnestly fulfill the political, economic and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, and make new contributions to the high-quality economic development of Qingdao and the West Coast New Area.

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