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Rongfa Group: Showing "Her" Power and Striving for a New Journey


On the occasion of the 113th "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, in order to inherit and carry forward the red spirit, stimulate the patriotism of women cadres and employees and the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, Rongfa Group recently organized the "Women's Heart to the Party, Innovation and Future" In the theme activity, under the warm sun of early spring, everyone started a learning journey of inheriting the red culture, receiving party spirit education, and realizing the vigorous development of the new district.



On the afternoon of March 7, the female employees of the group walked into the window exhibition hall of the city in the west coast new district to immerse themselves in the layout planning and development process of the new district's "one core, two ports and six districts in Jiuwan" and the unlimited potential of the current marine economic development of the new district. On the morning of March 8, at the Shihetou Armed Forces Memorial Hall in Zhangjialou Street, everyone visited the precious historical relics, words and pictures of revolutionary martyrs in the exhibition hall, carefully understand the heroic deeds of many anti-Japanese teams such as the Jiaonan Armed Forces, Songshanzi Armed Forces, etc., and feel the revolutionary martyrs' unyielding and tenacious fighting spirit; Boli Town has a history of more than 5,000 years. In the long years, a unique folk custom has been formed. Under the leadership of the commentator, the female employees of the group came to the Boli Folk Museum, in front of the memorial stone of "the site of the first women's Anti Japanese and Salvation Congress in Huangdao District", we paid tribute to the heroic deeds of Ding's three sisters and brothers, and learned about the stormy and war-torn history of the revolutionary heroine's great spirit.



Since the establishment of the group, female employees have worked hard in various positions such as integration and innovation, state-owned enterprise reform, land acquisition and storage, urban renewal, financial resource construction, and asset management. They love their jobs, work hard, and have the courage to contribute, showing the new era of women. A different style.



2023 is the "year of innovation and breakthrough" in the West Coast New area. Based on the new stage of development, the female employees of the group will always maintain a sober and firm spirit, practice the responsibility of state-owned enterprises at the forefront of overcoming difficulties, contribute gentle and tenacious women, and strive to be the main force and new force in serving regional economic and social development.

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