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Qingdao Rongfa Group: Carry Forward the New Wind of the Times and Inherit Voluntary Fire


In order to further implement the concept of green development and promote the institutionalization and normalization of volunteer service from Lei Feng, the volunteer service team of Rongfa Group recently entered the Naval Park in the core area of Guzhenkou to carry out the volunteer service activity of "guarding the most beautiful coastline and protecting the sea.



At the event site, volunteers held garbage pickers, plastic bags and other tools to thoroughly clean the environment of the scenic spot. Everyone was enthusiastic, careful, helped each other, and cooperated with each other. They picked up beverage bottles, plastic bags, cigarette butts and other domestic garbage one by one, and put them into designated garbage bins after garbage sorting. In addition, the volunteers also explained to tourists in detail the serious pollution caused by random garbage disposal on the beach, strengthen tourists' awareness of the protection of the seaside environment.



This activity is a profile of Rongfa Group's "Civilized Practice I Go First" and a series of volunteer service activities to learn from Lei Feng. At present, the group of Rongfa Group participating in the volunteer service activities of learning from Lei Feng is growing and has become a beautiful landscape. The group's "volunteer red" shines in the new district. They either volunteer to preach and send culture, change customs, spread new civilized customs, or help the poor and send care, or rush about on the road of rural revitalization, voluntary blood donation and environmental beautification. Volunteers spread the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era of "dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress" with practical actions, and jointly painted the "red picture" of civilized practice in the new era ".



In order to promote the normal and long-term effect of voluntary service activities, Rongfa Group focuses on optimizing the layout of facilities in the new era civilization practice center and position team, taking departments as units and setting up a number of high-quality voluntary service teams according to actual conditions such as functions and numbers. Through the demonstration and guidance of brand projects such as "learning from the history of the party, building the first heart, doing practical things to solve people's worries", "practicing green responsibility and leading green development", "warming childlike innocence, sticking to love" and "charity donation for one day", the "circle of friends" of the masses has been opened up ". Relying on the national volunteer information system, Qilu trade union volunteer service activity platform, Qingdao volunteer service system and other platforms, we will create a civilized practice complex of "joint construction of positions, joint activities and team education". The group volunteers regularly carry out a series of voluntary service activities, such as public security patrol, civilized persuasion, environmental protection, respect and love for the elderly, At the same time, all Party members sink into the community, relying on the "red volunteer service alliance", actively and accurately participate in voluntary services such as "helping the poor and warming the hearts of the people" and "sorting garbage first", so that the party flag is flying at the forefront of serving the masses, and comprehensively enhance the satisfaction and happiness of the masses. Up to now, many employees of the group have been awarded the outstanding young volunteers of the West Coast New Area, and the volunteer service team and projects of Rongfa Group have won many honorary titles such as the Outstanding Youth Volunteer Service Organization of Qingdao West Coast New Area and the Outstanding Trade Union Volunteer Service Team of Qingdao West Coast New Area. Practical performance fulfills the responsibilities and responsibilities of state-owned enterprises in the new era.

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