Production and then speed up the Beijing-Lu shipbuilding industry on the same day to complete the two ships to lay the bottom of a ship delivery, naming.

On December 21, 2022, Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry completed the delivery ceremony of the two 1400TEU container ships and the 7999DWT refueling ship "PEARL KARUIZAWA" on the same day, naming the two major production and operation nodes, providing strong support for the company to complete its annual target tasks and also sounding the charge at the end of the year.


The two 1400TEU container ships were built by Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry and Ningbo Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. with the same model. SDARI provides detailed design of the ships, with a total length of 159.5 meters, a type width of 25.0 meters, a type depth of 13.5 meters, a design draft of 9.0 meters, a total load of 1438 boxes, and a grade CCS. Through upgrading and optimization on the basis of the original mother ship, the current energy consumption is lower under the same load tons, faster speed.

On the same day, Jinglu Shipbuilding successfully held the delivery ceremony and naming ceremony of the 7999DWT refueling ship "PEARL KARUIZAWA", which is the second series of ships built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for Singapore Consort Bunkers. The "PEARL KARUIZAWA" wheel has a total length of 114.99 meters, a model width of 19.00 meters, a model depth of 10.00 meters, a design draft of 7.20 meters, and a design cargo capacity of 7999 dwt.


Next, Penglai Jinglu shipbuilding industry will race against time, on the basis of continuing to grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic, keep a close eye on the annual target is not relaxed, continue to take more measures to grasp the operation, promote development, grab progress, ensure delivery, go all out to complete the orders for ships under construction, to deliver high-quality ships to customers.

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