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In order to further facilitate the masses to handle the vehicle inspection business, deepen the vehicle inspection reform and optimize the market layout, on December 15, Qingdao Hua 'an Motor Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Rongfa Group, moved to 100 Zhushan North Road. As the only state-owned vehicle inspection agency in the new district, the establishment and relocation of Qingdao Hua 'an vehicle inspection station not only forms a vehicle inspection service network covering the local and surrounding radiation, but also enriches the selection of vehicle inspection stations for vehicle owners to meet the vehicle inspection needs of residents in the new district.

The testing station of Qingdao Huaan Motor Vehicle Testing Co., Ltd. has the testing qualifications for large, medium and small cars and two-wheeled and three-wheeled motorcycles. The station is divided into five functional blocks, including pre-inspection area, external inspection workshop, environmental inspection workshop, security inspection workshop and comprehensive service hall, and has designed and built two appearance inspection lines, two environmental protection inspection lines, two safety inspection lines and one motorcycle inspection line, which can detect 10 motor vehicles at the same time, the annual detection capacity can reach 15000 vehicles.

In order to improve the service function and the satisfaction of car owners, Huaan Motor Vehicle Inspection Station has launched the "six-heart service" measure, which takes "comfortable environment, worry-free process, considerate service, careful management, sincere work and careful small matters" as the service standard, comprehensively optimize and upgrade the testing environment, service process and testing efficiency, and control the whole vehicle testing time within 30 minutes, it also provides services such as "one-window service", "door-to-door pick-up" and "turnkey" for vehicle inspection services. In addition, the testing station cooperates with UU train and other platforms to integrate resource advantages to create a comprehensive motor vehicle inspection station integrating testing, driving training, maintenance, refueling, insurance, catering, physical examination and other functions.



In recent years, in the face of the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, Huaan Company has changed along with the trend, accelerated the reform and transformation of the enterprise, focused on the main responsibility and main business, relying on Huaan Driving School, Huaan Testing Station, Xinshunhua Examination Center and other two business systems to strengthen driving management and vehicle management, to implement convenient, intelligent, humanized and standardized measures, and actively fulfill social responsibilities, construction and operation of Qingdao subject 2 examination room 7 (located at Tieshan exit of Shenhai Expressway) and Qingdao subject 3 examination room 5 (located at Feiyu Road and Xianghai Road), the examination room is constructed in strict accordance with national standards, and has been accepted by the Ministry of Public Security, the Traffic Police Corps of the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Traffic Police Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. The examination room environment is clean and tidy, the examination process is scientific and reasonable, the examination auxiliary facilities and convenient service equipment are complete and perfect, and the geographical location is superior. It is equipped with 31 examination vehicles of various types, 25 motor vehicle driver examiners and auxiliary examiners, and the daily maximum examination ability is 260 subjects and 3 200 subjects. The annual examination volume is about 40000 person-times. It can provide examination services for more than 20 driving schools in the surrounding counties and urban areas with a radius of about 40 kilometers, effectively divert the examination pressure in Qingdao's main urban area, greatly improve the examination efficiency, and fully meet the needs of the vast number of candidates in the West Coast New District and surrounding counties and urban areas to make self-help appointments for examination in nearby examination rooms. The establishment of the examination room broke the dilemma of no subject 2. three examination rooms in the West Coast New District, met the demand of the driving test candidates in the new district to "not leave the district" for the nearby examination, and contributed to the formation of the "meter" pattern of the driver examination room in the new district. At the same time, it marks that Huangdao public security traffic police department has stepped to a new level in comprehensively promoting the implementation of the new reform measures of "release, management and service" of public security traffic management.

Vehicles and drivers are the important basic work of road traffic safety and the first line of defense to prevent road traffic accidents. In the future, Huaan Company will focus on optimizing the business environment, combined with the "Work Style and Ability Improvement Year" activities, deepen the creation of "people-vehicles" and "people-enterprises" brands, ensure the safe travel of people-vehicles, and make full use of modern technology to strive Provide more standardized, fair, efficient and convenient services for the majority of drivers, and make positive contributions to the construction of a safe, civilized, orderly and smooth road traffic environment.

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