Yangjiashan Li District was selected as one of the top ten municipal rural revitalization demonstration areas in Qingdao.


On October 10, 2022, after district and city declaration, "horse racing" competition, on-site observation, expert review, announcement and other links, the construction list of Qingdao's top ten municipal rural revitalization demonstration areas was officially released to the public, and the rural revitalization demonstration area in Yangjiashan, Tieshan Street, West Coast New District was successfully selected.



The high-quality construction of the rural revitalization demonstration area is a concrete measure for Qingdao to strive for the advanced, typical and benchmark in comprehensively promoting the rural revitalization, and to strive for the first-class and leading in building the Qilu model for rural revitalization. It is also an important starting point for Qingdao to comprehensively promote the rural revitalization in the future. In the early stage, Qingdao deployed for three years to build about 10 Qingdao-level rural revitalization demonstration areas in the city, and drive each district (city) to build about 30 district (city)-level rural revitalization demonstration areas.



Yangjiashan Village Revitalization Demonstration Area has a total planning area of 11.5 square kilometers and governs 8 natural villages. The villages are geographically close, culturally connected and industrially integrated. Since 2019, under the guidance of the New District Working Committee, the Management Committee and the District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Culture and Tourism Bureau and Tieshan Street, the state-owned enterprise Rongfa Group in Qingdao West Coast New District has joined forces with the private enterprise Qingdao Yuancheng Holding Development Group, the establishment of a joint venture company, Qingdao Rongyuan Yangjiashanli Investment and Development Co., Ltd., insists on planning and leading, giving priority to the foundation, perfecting functions, cultivating industries, innovating mechanisms and creating brands, so as to promote the double promotion of the value and connotation of Yangjiashanli Rural Revitalization Demonstration Area.



At present, a total of about 0.3 billion yuan has been invested to improve the supporting infrastructure and road transportation system, and pastoral life sections such as pastoral co-creation school, pastoral meeting room, pastoral residence courtyard, pastoral workshop, etc. have been built, with "red culture and green tourism" as the core, the new path of "four districts building together" in the rural revitalization demonstration area, the industrial integration development demonstration area, the characteristic rural construction area and the common prosperity practice area has transferred a total of 15000 mu of land and introduced more than 30 key projects, realizing the average collective income of the village to reach more than 200000 yuan and driving the villagers' income to increase by 30000 yuan.


In the next step, Qingdao Rongyuan Yangjiashanli Investment and Development Co., Ltd. will adhere to the ideas of industrial support, market operation and mass participation, comprehensively upgrade the full format system of "food, housing, transportation, research, shopping and entertainment", and continuously revitalize the tourism brand of "Yangjiashanli, Yuanshan and Yuanshui", so that the masses can go wider and wider on the road to industrial prosperity and open up a model path for rural revitalization of Qilu.

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