Party building joint construction to increase vitality, co-construction and sharing to promote development-Rongfa Group Party Committee and Zhuhai Street Party Working Committee to start joint construction and co-construction

In order to thoroughly implement the work plan of the New District Working Committee on the joint construction of party building at the grass-roots level, take the joint construction of party building as the guide, and promote the benign interaction and common development of state-owned enterprises and streets, on the morning of October 12, 2022, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group and the Party Working Committee of Zhuhai Street held a joint construction signing ceremony. Zhang Jinlou, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Rongfa Group, and Han Feng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhuhai Street, attended the event.

At the ceremony, the two sides signed a joint agreement on party building. According to the agreement, the two parties will take the joint construction of grassroots party building as the starting point, strengthen interaction and deepen cooperation in urban renewal and urban construction, industrial cultivation, economic development, and social governance, and promote the deep integration of party building and business, development and governance. While achieving common improvement, promote high-quality economic development and social harmony and stability in the new area.

Subsequently, the two sides introduced their basic situation, resource advantages, development status and party building characteristics, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around the work of organization joint construction, party member linkage, activity joint office, resource sharing, development joint promotion, and governance joint promotion.

The signing of this contract has built a communication platform for Rongfa Group and Zhuhai Street to enhance mutual understanding and laid a good foundation for follow-up cooperation. In the future, the two sides will be based on reality, continue to strengthen communication and exchanges, carry out a series of thematic activities, achieve complementary resources and resonance at the same frequency, and strive to transform the advantages of co-construction into development and governance advantages, and jointly create a new situation in grassroots party building work under the new situation.

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