National Day! Rongfa Group's project construction is fully developed.

Busy construction workers, the roar of machines, engineering vehicles shuttling back and forth, tower cranes rising and falling -- although it is the National Day holiday, at the sites of many engineering projects built by Rongfa Group, Rongfa builders stick to their posts silently with responsibility and responsibility. They are accompanied by reinforced concrete, with unabated energy and constant rhythm, and they use persistence and struggle to forge the quality of the project, with the most simple and sincere way to celebrate the birthday of the motherland.



During the National Day holiday, it is the critical period of project construction. In order to ensure the construction progress, Rongfa Group strengthens safe production and civilized construction management, comprehensively sorts out the problems existing in the construction, implements the planning management and supervision mode, specially assigned personnel to track the implementation progress and rectification throughout the process, increase personnel and machinery, and carry out classified construction and cross operation according to the actual situation of each project, Carry out the whole process quality supervision of each process and key link, promote the quality and speed of project construction.



The farmer's market is not only an important place for citizens to supply "vegetable baskets", but also an important window to show the civilized image of the city. At the site of the group's important livelihood project-Liuhe community farmer's market comprehensive renovation and upgrading project, workers are rushing to the construction period and making every effort to sprint the construction target of the main body capping by the end of this year. The project site is busy and orderly. The builders use hard work and sweat to help the project to put the project into operation as soon as possible and benefit the masses.



In the Rongfa Building project, the Group set up a special project class to check the construction team's entry, epidemic prevention and control, project progress and the implementation of rectification of existing problems in the early stage in real time. The Rongfa Building project is a key project in Qingdao. In order to speed up the construction progress of the project, managers and operators voluntarily give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, work overtime to ensure safety, quality and progress, and seize the favorable opportunity for construction by means of people and machines. At present, the construction of the main structure of the five floors on the ground of Tower A and Tower B has been completed, using a total of 62000 cubic meters of concrete.



The Guzhen port line restoration and comprehensive management project just launched in August is also busy. More than 10 cranes, pile drivers, excavators and other large-scale machinery and equipment are under intense operation. The project is located in the east of Guzhen Kou Haijun Road in Qingdao West Coast New District, with a total investment of about 0.405 billion yuan. The total length of shoreline arrangement is about 12km, the project span is long, and the construction is difficult. Since the start of construction, all participating units have achieved the task objectives of "running into the site, scientific layout, rapid start-up, steady progress and all-round excellence". They have completed the construction of the temporary construction project department and the wall, cleaned up 180000 square meters of beach and transported 70000 cubic meters of garbage and silt. At present, the progress of the project is progressing in an orderly manner according to the established nodes. "This project has taken less than 2 months from the official start to the construction. During the National Day, it is the sprint stage of the project construction. We cannot delay one day and strive to complete the water conservancy revetment construction in December", project manager Chen Dan Said.



At the project site of the International Life Health Demonstration Zone, the project seized the "golden period" of construction, organized about 210 construction workers, equipped with 32 tower cranes, cranes, steel bar machinery, excavators and other machinery, and fully started the "acceleration" of key project construction ". The project is currently under construction underground structure, is expected to achieve the main capping by the end of this year.



At the project site of Guzhenkou Science and Technology Incubation Center, the group project strengthened refined management, implemented detailed responsibilities, and held an emergency "meeting" before the festival to find gaps, make comparisons, and determine measures. It has invested more than 40 management personnel and 240 construction personnel. More than 20 construction machines are equipped, and 80% of the total output value is currently completed.

It is reported that during the "11th" period, all the projects undertaken by Rongfa Group are "not closed". All project builders stick to their posts, catch up with the schedule and rush for progress, and use their hard work in exchange for the safe and smooth progress of the project!


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