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Warm Autumn to Welcome Chongyang Society and Enterprises to Build and Benefit People's Livelihood | Rongfa Group Jointly Launched "Our Festival Chongyang" Theme Activity in Seaview Road Community of Yinzhu Street

In the golden autumn, the Double Ninth Festival. In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, further meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the elderly in the community, and create a strong atmosphere of respecting, respecting, loving and helping the elderly, on September 30, Rongfa Group joined hands with the Haijing Road Community of Yinzhu Street to carry out the theme activity of "our Festival Chongyang" civilization practice in the new era.



In the morning, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group and the Party Committee of Haijing Road Community of Yinzhu Street held a joint construction signing ceremony. In line with the purpose of "sharing resources, complementing each other's advantages, and seeking common development", the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on further strengthening party building, team building, and business development, and signed the "Joint Construction Agreement". According to the co-construction agreement, the two parties will rely on the co-construction platform to expand and improve the functions of grassroots party organizations, give full play to the advantages of joint construction and co-construction of party organizations, actively explore new models for social enterprises, and strive to write a new chapter in high-quality development.



After the signing ceremony, Rongfa Group joined hands with Haijing Road Community of Yinzhu Street to carry out the theme activity of "Our Festival Chongyang", organizing the elderly in the community and their families to go to the picking garden to pick fresh vegetables, fruits, fruits, etc. At the event site, the staff of both sides helped the elderly carry bags and place them to ensure the safety of the elderly's activities; the elderly shared the joy of the harvest while picking, and their faces were filled with happy smiles.



This activity not only makes the elderly who have lived in the city for a long time feel a strong festive atmosphere and experience the fun of picking, but also helps social enterprises to form a good atmosphere of respecting and loving the elderly. In the next step, Rongfa Group will take this social-enterprise co-construction as an opportunity to fully tap the cultural connotations of traditional festivals and the characteristics of the times, actively promote the traditional virtues of respecting and loving the elderly during the Double Ninth Festival, and strive to build a warm enterprise, and continue to gather new journeys and contributions. The powerful spiritual force of the new era creates a strong social atmosphere for welcoming the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party.

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