Rongfa Group Launching Special Action for Safety Production Inspection


Safety in production is more important than Mount Tai. In order to effectively do a good job in the safety production management of project construction during the National Day and the "20th National Congress", ensure the progress of project construction and construction safety, and create a good safe production environment. On the afternoon of September 28, 2022, the safety inspection team of Rongfa Group went to the International Life Health Demonstration Zone, Guzhenkou Science and Technology Incubation Center, Sansha Road utility tunnel, Rongfa Building and other project sites to carry out safety production inspections.


According to the deployment of activities, the inspection focused on the promotion of production safety management in accordance with the aspects of project construction, epidemic prevention and control, construction electricity, fire safety and other aspects. The inspection team listened to the specific situation of the project construction, and emphasized that all employees should further improve their political positions, make every effort to build a double line of defense for epidemic prevention and control and safety production, effectively tighten the main responsibility of safety production, pay close attention to the investigation and management of hidden dangers, and strengthen duty. On duty, strengthen the reserve of emergency materials, attach great importance to the work of safety in production, and ensure firm ideological understanding, strict and comprehensive system guarantees, and strict supervision and meticulous supervision and inspection.



In addition, the safety and Quality Department of the group will continue to carry out regular safety inspection, strengthen inspection efforts, timely follow up and find out the potential safety hazards of rectification, ensure that the rectification work is comprehensive and timely, and the action measures are solid and effective, so as to create a safe and harmonious atmosphere for the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

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