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[Civilization Creation Special Column] Guarding Network Integrity and Building a Beautiful Network Home

Network integrity is the embodiment of social integrity in cyberspace, and at the same time has the distinct network characteristics of a wider range of integrity subjects and a more complex integrity environment. For example, it is more convenient to obtain information, but at the same time it is difficult to distinguish between true and false information. Network dishonest behaviors such as traffic fraud and speculation are easy to infringe on the fair competition environment. Network telecom fraud, fake and inferior e-commerce, etc. seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. Curbing network chaos, strengthening the construction of good faith, and jointly building a legalized cyberspace have become major issues in cyberspace governance. In recent years, the state has strengthened top-level design, increased overall planning, promoted innovation and vivid practice in various regions, continuously promoted industry self-discipline, and improved the literacy of netizens. my country's network integrity construction has achieved new results and shown a new atmosphere.

Strengthening the construction of network integrity and cracking down on violations of regulations and dishonesty are not only the inherent requirements of promoting comprehensive network governance, but also the urgent need to promote the construction of social credit system. In terms of strength, to strengthen the construction of network integrity, it is necessary to improve the governance mechanism, build a pattern of good governance, and strengthen the participation of party committee leadership, government management, corporate responsibility, social supervision, and netizen self-discipline. In terms of methods, the network information department takes multiple measures to carry out centralized clean-up and rectification of network dishonesty problems, which will help promote the continuous purification of the network environment. Internet platforms also need to strengthen internal control, more active, more strict investigation and punishment of dishonesty within the platform. Only by allowing those who are honest and trustworthy to be respected and restricting those who break their promises everywhere, can we establish the authority of credit in people's hearts, straighten up the back of credit in cyberspace, and make honesty the "hard currency" of the market economy and the "golden rule" of interpersonal relationships ".

To strengthen the construction of network integrity, we need to rely on guidance, supervision and, most fundamentally, the rule of law. The Central Office and the State Council issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Network Civilization, which made important arrangements for deepening the construction of network integrity; the the People's Republic of China Personal Information Protection Law established and improved the integrity system for the protection of citizens' personal information; the Webcast Marketing Management Measures (Trial) "strongly promotes the standardized development of the webcast industry;" Online Transaction Supervision and Management Measures "escort the construction of a good online transaction order;" E-commerce enterprise integrity file evaluation norms "for the construction of e-commerce integrity to provide basic support ...... From the" network integrity construction summit forum "released in 2021 China's network integrity ten major events, to promote the improvement of the system and the construction of the rule of law on the construction of network integrity to play a long-term, fundamental management of the key role. Cyberspace is not a "place outside the law". To protect the integrity of the network, the rule of law still needs to be strengthened.

As pointed out in the report, the development of network integrity is a dynamic process. With the wide application of new Internet technologies, new models and new formats emerge in endlessly, and the field of network integrity is also facing some new problems and challenges. The problem of algorithm abuse is highlighted, deceiving and misleading consumers; malicious use of technical means, network fraud pattern renovation; use of platform monopoly advantage, to carry out unfair competition; traffic cash quick success, live broadcast with good and bad goods mixed; capital "kidnapping" fan economy, network "meal circle" chaos frequent ...... In view of these problems, we also need to continue to promote the standardized construction of network integrity, strengthen supervision in key areas, promote the construction of demonstration projects for network integrity construction, and establish a network professional literacy training system. In order to ensure the effective release of the Internet development dividend, all kinds of network illegal and dishonest behavior shall be governed in accordance with the law.

In our network home of more than 1 billion people, honesty is as indispensable as sunshine. From daily applications such as online shopping and online learning, to commercial operations such as live delivery and shared economy, to social governance innovations such as "Internet government services", it is difficult to move without integrity. Everyone can benefit from promoting the construction of network integrity and building a beautiful network home. The construction of a network power will also be able to obtain a steady stream of spiritual civilization nourishment due to the improvement of integrity. (Source: People's Daily Online Author: Hua Ning)

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