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[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Guarding, Inheriting, Showing Excellent Achievements of Chinese Civilization

"Museums are important places to protect and inherit human civilization, and cultural and museum workers have a glorious mission and great responsibility." On July 8, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the old experts of the National Museum of China. On the 110 anniversary of the founding of the National Expo, he extended warm congratulations and sincere greetings to all comrades of the National Expo, and put forward clear requirements and ardent expectations for the majority of cultural workers. The general secretary's enthusiastic reply is a great concern and drum for the vast number of cultural and cultural workers across the country.It points out the direction and action path for better promoting the development of China's cultural and cultural undertakings, and is of great significance to stimulate the whole society to better strengthen cultural self-confidence, inherit and carry forward Chinese civilization.

Today's China is the continuation of the historical China; today's China is the inheritance of the history of China. As a bridge connecting the past, present and future, museums are not only the preservers of cultural relics, but also the recorders of history, shouldering the important mission of cultural protection and civilization inheritance. General Secretary Xi Jinping once profoundly pointed out: "The Chinese nation has a long history, Chinese civilization has a long history, and Chinese culture is extensive and profound. A museum is a big school." Today, China is in the great practice of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. Taking the development of cultural and cultural undertakings as an important starting point, guarding, inheriting, and displaying the outstanding achievements of Chinese civilization will help us better grasp the laws of history and strengthen Historical consciousness, strengthen cultural self-confidence, and gather the strength to forge ahead.

The cause of Chinese museums in the new era has entered a period of rapid development and is full of vitality. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the number of registered museums nationwide increased by nearly 1/4 to nearly 5800. The annual number of museum visitors increased from 0.7 billion to 1.2 billion, an average annual increase of 0.1 billion. China has become the largest number of museum visitors in the world. We should seize the great opportunity, take the initiative, give full play to the unique advantages of museums in cultural dissemination, civilization inheritance, and civilization exchanges and mutual learning, enrich the historical and cultural nourishment of the whole society, and build a common spiritual home.

We must use the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply and a series of important instructions on the cultural and cultural undertakings as a guide to promote new breakthroughs in the cultural and cultural undertakings: we must deepen research, strive to extend the historical axis, enhance historical credibility, enrich historical connotations, and ensure Our practical innovation is based on the laws of historical development and on the correct historical channel; we must make innovation more valuable and make full use of new technological tools such as digital technology, do a good job in the big article "Museum", join hands online and offline, let the static cultural heritage move, turn, and tide, so that more people can witness, feel, and appreciate the long-standing charm of Chinese culture; we must broaden our horizons, Continue to be open and inclusiveMentality exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations, tells the story of Chinese civilization well, so that the world can better understand and understand the present and past of Chinese culture, carry forward the common values of all mankind contained in Chinese civilization, and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

The source dredger has a long flow, while the root is deep and the leaf is luxuriant. Cultural relics bear the splendid civilization and move the roots of the nation. On the basis of doing a good job in the protection of cultural relics, we must strive to release the cultural power carried by cultural relics, so that the people can better touch the past, perceive history, forge ahead from the continuation of the blood of national culture, and continue to promote Chinese civilization to radiate more vigorous vitality. (Text source: CCTV network)

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