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Yantai Rongfa: Summer "Send Cool" Warming People's Hearts


At the time of high temperature and scorching heat, in order to further protect the health rights and interests of the majority of employees, and to do a good job in summer heatstroke prevention and cooling, on July 27 and 28, Yantai City Federation of Trade Unions and Penglai District Federation of Trade Unions successively went to Rongfa (Yantai) The Construction Project Department of the West District of Blue New Town carried out cool-off activities. Qu Ning, member of the party group of the Yantai Federation of Trade unions and director of the Economic examination Committee; Dong Shuang, director of the Economic examination Office; Yu Style, chairman of the Penglai District Federation of Trade unions, and other relevant leaders attended the condolences.



The municipal and District Federation of trade unions and his party went deep into the construction site to visit and sympathize with the front-line construction workers, expressed their appreciation for their bravery of high temperature and hard work, and urged everyone to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling during the construction process, prevent all kinds of accidents, and send boxes of cool materials to them, so that they can get a cool care in the hot summer.



This condolence activity reflects the high attention of the trade unions of Yantai City and Penglai District to the Azure New City project and the cordial care for the builders, so that the majority of front-line builders cool on their bodies, warm in their hearts, and enhance their cohesion and combat effectiveness. Everyone said that they would make every effort to promote the project construction with a more vigorous and enterprising attitude, and create a far-reaching maritime coordination guarantee and blue ocean strategy for Penglai District, promote the development of marine economic integration in the Jiaodong economic circle to show the role of state-owned enterprises.

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