[Year of Style Ability Improvement] Rongfa Group: Cool and Cool in Summer

The sun is blazing, the heat is unbearable. In order to do a good job in preventing heatstroke and cooling down and help all posts to produce safely, on July 22, the trade union of Rongfa Group launched a series of activities of "sending coolness in summer" in 2022. The sympathy group went to the project affiliated to the group and the fire rescue brigade of Huangdao District in two ways to send coolness and care in summer to front-line builders and firefighters, so as to truly make everyone feel the care and warmth of the group Party committee and warmth of the group.



On the morning of the 22nd, Rongfa Group's trade union consolation team went deep into Rongfa Building, Guzhenkou Ocean Science and Education Innovation Zone University Town Public Stadium, Liuhe Community Farmers' Market, Huaan Company, Hualu Company and other project construction sites and enterprise production lines to visit and sympathize with the construction workers and enterprise employees fighting in the construction and production line under high temperature and send them watermelons, mineral water and other consolation products. In order to combine heatstroke prevention and cooling work with production safety work, the Safety and Quality Department of the Group has carried out targeted special inspections on heatstroke prevention and cooling labor protection, and promptly urged rectification when hidden dangers were found, to help employees understand high temperature hazards, master protective measures and individual protection methods for high temperature hazards, and improve employees' self-protection awareness and ability. The coolness and care activities not only sent the group's coolness and care, but also inspired the frontline workers to fight against the heat, ensure safety, and promote production, laying a solid foundation for completing the tasks and objectives of each node.



Fighting against the heat and heat, and guarding the safety of the people, there are also firefighters. On the afternoon of the 22nd, the group's labor union consolation team went to the Huangdao District Fire Rescue Brigade to send heatstroke prevention and cooling items to the firefighters, thanking the Huangdao District Fire Rescue Team for always fighting in the front line of fire prevention, fire fighting and rescue, and effectively safeguarding the masses Under the leadership of fire commanders and fighters, the group employee representatives visited the fire equipment, experienced the daily training and working environment of firefighters, and visited the fire experience hall together, I really felt the work style of the fire fighters who can endure hardships and fight. It is worth mentioning that after the coolness event, the employee representatives of Rongfa Group and the firefighters held a basketball fraternity. During the game, the players of both sides fully carried forward the high-spirited energy and the spirit of hard work and enterprising, in harmony and tension. Play skills and compete in the atmosphere. The two sides of the game came and went, and the climax was repeated. The wonderful offense and defense and goals won bursts of applause on the spot, fully demonstrating the good spirit of the employees and firefighters of state-owned enterprises in the new era.



In recent years, under the leadership of the West Coast New District Federation of Trade Unions, Rongfa Group's trade union has adhered to the needs of employees. While doing a good job in regular epidemic prevention and control, it has taken practical and effective measures to minimize the superposition of epidemics and high temperature weather in summer. The adverse effects of production and life, continue to strengthen the implementation of labor security measures, create good construction conditions, increase safety production education and supervision, innovate method carriers, and enrich content forms, make full use of Qilu Trade Union APP and other propaganda positions to carry out online and offline "cool summer" and publicity and education activities, care for the safety and health of employees working in high temperature and high temperature weather, help employees understand high temperature hazards, master protective measures against high temperature hazards, further expand the social impact of "cool summer" activities, create a good atmosphere for employees to pay attention to their health, and build enterprises with temperature.

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