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Carry forward the tradition of casting the soul of the army, based on the post to build new achievements-Rongfa Group to celebrate the "August 1" Army Day series of activities


On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on strengthening the work of ex-servicemen and promote the implementation of the double support work, on July 30, 2022, Rongfa Group organized a series of activities to celebrate the August 1st Army Day, and extended festive greetings and blessings to the ex-servicemen and their families working in various positions of the group company.



During the activity, the group's retired military employees and family representatives visited the exhibition hall in the core area of Guzhenkou, the Rongfa Building, the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National Youth Cyber Security Education Base, and invited the family education instructor Huang Huai The teacher gave tutoring lectures on the theme of "Husband and wife co-education-multiple perspectives to improve the excellent quality of children. The activities are diverse in form and rich in content, which not only creates a good atmosphere of caring for veterans, but also promotes the great improvement of the work style and ability of cadres and workers, allows veterans to share the fruits of enterprise development, and constantly enhances their sense of belonging, achievement, and honor. it has promoted the work of veterans and double support in the new era to a new level.



Since its establishment, Rongfa Group has been guided by party building, doing a good job in the ideological and political work of veterans, gathering the strength of the group, and shaping the soul of advocating the army, supporting the army and loving the army. The group actively fulfills the political and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, and provides a broad career development space and entrepreneurial platform for veterans.

First, give full play to the advantages of the industry and strengthen employment placement. Veterans are the new force of economic construction. The group takes improving the quality and satisfaction of resettlement posts as the starting point, scientific planning, sunny operation, and high-quality job placement. For the resettled veterans, in terms of training, examinations, and job selection, ensure People are suitable for posts and make the best use of people. Through the formulation of the ''Work Plan for the Training of Party Members for Veterans, ''the group has comprehensively improved the knowledge structure of retired soldiers by means of on-site teaching, project observation, and teachers and apprentices, so that they can devote themselves to work with enthusiasm and passion, and strive to become The backbone and benchmark of the unit and industry. The second is to strengthen flexible management and pay attention to physical and mental health. Through the group's employee empowerment center, professional teachers are hired to give lectures and tutoring to retired soldiers and their families, military wives and families of active servicemen on harmonious families and a better life, and through a series of family lectures, the flexible management of employees' psychology and behavior is strengthened to enhance employees' happiness. The third is to strengthen demonstration and guidance and play a typical role. The selection and publicity of "the most beautiful retired soldiers" and "the most beautiful military wives" have been carried out within the group. Representatives of outstanding retired soldiers such as Bo and Feng Kai have emerged one after another. They have taken this as a typical example to guide and encourage new retired soldiers to set up a good atmosphere among retired soldiers, base themselves on their own duties and have the courage to take on responsibilities, and form a good atmosphere of catching up with and surpassing those among retired soldiers. The fourth is established. Through the Rongfa Charity Fund to provide assistance to the families of retired soldiers in difficulties, to ensure that the lives of retired soldiers in difficulties and other preferential care recipients are guaranteed, daily care is provided, and people in difficulties are helped, so that the care and assistance work can be implemented and achieved practical results. Five is to build a volunteer service brand, practice responsibility and responsibility. The group encourages ex-servicemen and workers to actively provide voluntary services, guide them to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control, production safety, policy propaganda, assistance in difficulties, search and rescue, etc., to make up for the shortcomings of grass-roots social governance, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the volunteer service team of ex-servicemen. In addition, we should give full play to the role of "military branch secretaries", enhance their abilities, guide them to develop collective economy and cooperative economy in combination with the reality of the local village, actively promote the veteran officers to start their own businesses around the revitalization of the countryside, win respect through practical work, and demonstrate their life with achievements.

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