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[Year of Improving Style Ability] The Public Stadium Gymnasium of University Town in Guzhenkou Ocean Science and Education Innovation Zone invested and constructed by Rongfa Group won the 15th "China Steel Structure Gold Award"

A few days ago, China Construction Metal Structure Association announced the list of the first batch of "China Steel Structure Gold Award" project award-winning projects in the 15th session. Invested by Rongfa Group and undertaken by China Railway Construction Second Company, Guzhenkou Ocean Science and Education Innovation Zone University Town Public Stadium Project is on the list!



The China Steel Structure Gold Award is referred to as the "Steel Structure Gold Award". It is an award for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to create a national high-quality steel structure project in the entire industry. It is the highest honor award for the quality of China's construction steel structure industry. The selection object of the steel structure gold award is all kinds of construction steel structure projects undertaken by enterprises engaged in the production and installation of construction steel structure in China, and the quality of the project should reach the leading level in China. The "Steel Structure Gold Award" is selected once a year.



Guzhenkou Marine Science and Education Innovation Zone University Town Public Stadium Project is located to the east of Fusion Road, north of Jasper Road and south of Longmen Road in Guzhenkou Core Area, with a total investment of 0.282 billion yuan, a total land area of 58 mu, a planned total construction area of 27803 square meters and 6000 seats. The building has three floors above ground and one floor underground. The main functions on the ground are basketball court, training ground, table tennis hall and game supporting rooms, and the main functions on the ground are underground parking garage and supporting equipment room. The project adheres to high-standard design, novel appearance, rich connotation, and the adjacent stadium projects echo each other in the form of sun and moon, creating a spatial integrity. After the completion of the project, it can not only meet the use of national individual competitions and provincial and municipal regional comprehensive sports games, but also open to surrounding universities and society to meet the needs of national fitness exercise.



In order to create high-quality projects, during the construction process, Rongfa Group, together with China Railway Construction Engineering Second Company, Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. and other units, scientifically planned, in-depth discussions, Refine the division of labor, establish a leading group headed by the project leader, adhere to the leadership of party building, and steadily improve project quality and production efficiency with the application of science and technology, to ensure safety, save costs, reduce consumption, improve efficiency, strictly control the installation accuracy and quality.



The public stadium project of the university town in Guzhenkou Ocean Science and Education Innovation Zone has always attracted much attention during the construction process. Its advanced decoration, comprehensive standardization and meticulous decoration have become a highlight in the industry. The application of BIM technology makes this building even more powerful. Before construction, the project team uses BIM technology to draw the 3D layout of the external curtain wall of the project, closely combines BIM technology with the construction scheme of the external curtain wall, and uses BIM to establish a model through 3D measurement, the feasibility of simulating the construction scheme of the external curtain wall.



In the initial stage of construction, Tekla software is used to complete the detailed design of steel structure and guide the management with the deepening results, and complete the material procurement, component processing, production and installation, and measurement in the whole construction process. During the construction of the public stadium project in the university town of Guzhenkou Ocean Science and Education Innovation Zone, it won 3 utility model patents, 2 invention and creation patents, 1 provincial construction method, 2 national journal papers, 4 BIM awards and QC1 at the provincial level.


The steel structure of the project includes roof steel, facade steel columns, etc. The total amount of steel exceeds 2000 tons. The type of roof steel structure is 12 "fish belly" pipe truss transverse secondary beam structures. The maximum weight of a single truss is about 49 tons, and the maximum span of roof steel truss is 58.8 meters. The facade form of this project is hyperboloid curtain wall, including 38 main columns and 158 ring beams. Facing the construction difficulties of large span, complex shape, thick steel plate, large construction difficulty and poor working environment, the project team adopts the methods of segmented processing, overall pre-assembly and high-altitude welding installation, which not only ensures the overall alignment of the structure, but also eliminates the secondary pre-assembly on site. At present, the project has entered the final stage, about to open!


Facing the future, Rongfa Group will take this opportunity to practice the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, promote project construction with high standards and high quality, create high-quality projects with ingenuity, fully promote the high quality performance of the project, and contribute to the high-quality development of the regional economy in the core area of Guzhenkou.



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