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[Year of Style Ability Improvement] Rongfa Group Successfully Issued 0.42 billion Yuan Corporate Bonds


On June 27, 2022, Rongfa Group successfully book-entry issued "2022 Qingdao Rongfa Group Corporate Bonds" with an issue size of 0.42 billion yuan, a term of 3+4 years and an issue interest rate of 3.58. This issue of bonds is the first issuance of NDRC corporate bonds by Rongfa Group in the bond market, and it is also the first general corporate bonds issued by AA + main enterprises in the West Coast New Area in the past five years.



The successful issuance of this issue of corporate bonds is another successful exploration of Rongfa Group to broaden financing channels, further optimize the debt structure of the group, provide medium-and long-term financial guarantee for the sustained and steady development of the group, fully demonstrate the full recognition of the comprehensive strength of the group by the capital market and the general optimism about the implementation of the national strategy of integration and innovation in the new area, and establish a good brand image in the capital market to achieve the healthy development of the enterprise, it is of great significance to help the new area to undertake the national strategy.



Rongfa Group will further enhance market competitiveness, strictly manage and make good use of bond funds, further establish the credibility of the capital market, focus on the main responsibility and main business, shoulder the responsibility of the national strategic mission of integration and innovation, and complete various tasks with higher standards. High-quality development highlights the vanguard role of state-owned enterprises and makes new contributions to building a demonstration and leading zone for socialist modernization in the new era.

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