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Rongfa Group Party Committee Launches Series of Activities to Welcome "July 1"

In order to celebrate the 101 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of Party organizations, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, the Party committee of Rongfa group recently held a series of theme activities to celebrate "July 1". Through visiting and consoling old Party members, reviewing the oath of joining the party, and holding the theme party day, the party members should be educated and guided to review the glorious history of the party, Take the lead in changing style, improving ability, implementation and promoting development.



On the morning of the 30th, the leaders in charge of the party committee of Rongfa Group led the condolences team to Fuyuan Grid Village, Haiqing Town, and Taqiao Grid Village, Liuwang Town, where the first secretary of the expatriate post is located, to condolences to the old party members and party members in difficulties in life in the village. They extend the care and greetings of the party organization. In the homes of veteran party members, the condolences team learned in detail about their living and physical conditions, and urged them to take care of their health, maintain a high-spirited and optimistic attitude, and make life better with the help of the party and the government. Subsequently, the condolences group sent them condolences and urged the group's "first secretary" in the village to always keep the warmth of the old party members in mind, take the initiative to understand their actual difficulties, and effectively help them solve their problems, so that the old party members can truly feel the warmth of the party organization and enjoy their old age.



Yangjiashanli is an important base of the Communist Party of China during the War of Resistance against Japan and the War of Liberation. On the 30th, the party committee of Rongfa Group organized party members to visit and study at the Yangjiashanli Red Education Base. In the Yangjiashanli Anti-Japanese War exhibition hall, party members follow the footprints of revolutionaries in the yellowing historical pictures and rusty revolutionary cultural relics, and feel the loyalty and responsibility of the people in Yangjiashan, and received a profound ideological education and spiritual baptism. After visiting the exhibition hall, all Party members, facing the bright red party flag, solemnly raised their right hand to swear to the party, reviewed the oath of joining the party, played the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members with more enthusiasm, and always maintained the political nature of the party members.



In the next step, the Party committee of Rongfa group will continue to carry forward the party building brand of "sunshine and dedication" and the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win", further consolidate the foundation of Party building work, deeply integrate and work in the same direction with the central work of project construction, investment, market-oriented operation and rural revitalization, and present the party's birthday with practical actions, Welcome the victory of the party's 20th National Congress.

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