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[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Red Culture Makes Ideological and Political Education "Live"

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during an inspection at Renmin University of China: "Tell the story of the Communist Party of China, tell the story of the party's founding of Renmin University, and encourage teachers and students to inherit the fine traditions and continue the red blood." Looking back on the magnificent course of great rejuvenation, the party has led the people to create and accumulate advanced red culture in the practice of revolution, construction and reform, which is our precious spiritual wealth. How to make good use of red resources, carry forward the red tradition, inherit the red gene, integrate the red culture into ideological and political education, guide the broad masses of young people to strive to be new people of the times worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation, and pass on the red country from generation to generation is an important theoretical and practical proposition of ideological and political education in colleges and universities in the new era.

Red Culture is the Political Mark of Chinese Communists
"The Republic is red. You can't dilute this color." Red tradition and red gene are the spiritual codes of Communists, which have profound historical background, distinctive characteristics of the times and extensive social foundation. The red culture is a historical product continuously created by the party and the people to realize national rejuvenation. It profoundly embodies the distinctive political character shown by the party leading the people to open up great roads, create great undertakings, and achieve great achievements.
Red culture carries the original mission of the Communists. Seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation is not only the original intention and mission of the party, but also the direction and fundamental theme of the red culture. The red culture is rich in content and diverse in forms. It records the communists' struggle to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. It has witnessed the communists' ambition of "making sacrifices and daring to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky". It embodies the party's firm belief, fundamental purpose and fine style of work. It is the cultural carrier and spiritual support of the party's original intention and mission.
The red culture embodies the people's feelings of the communists. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "To fight and guard the country is to guard the hearts of the people." Since its birth, the Communist Party of China has taken serving the people wholeheartedly as its fundamental purpose, combined carrying forward the spirit of historical initiative with working for the interests of the people, and led the people to usher in a great leap from standing up, getting rich to becoming strong. The red culture engraves the history of the party and the people in the historical process of seeking national independence, the liberation of the people, the prosperity of the country, and the happiness of the people since modern times. It confirms that the foundation of the party lies in the people and the blood lies in the people., The strength lies in the people.


Red culture shows the character of the Communist Party. The Communist Party of China is an advanced political party armed with Marxist scientific theory. The Party promotes theoretical innovation and theoretical creation with a high degree of historical and theoretical consciousness. The red culture is carefully cultivated and shaped by the party relying on the people, grasping the times and being close to life in the interaction between theory and practice. It is formed by the combination of the whole party and the individual spirit of Party members. It is the carrier and extension of the spiritual temperament of the Communists. Whether it is the material level or the spiritual level of the red culture, it shows the theoretical quality, spiritual temperament, value pursuit and lofty belief of the Communists.
Red Culture is the Booster of Ideological and Political Education
Red culture began in the war years of blood and fire, refined in the construction era of striving for strength, and developed in the reform period of catching up with and surpassing the first. In the new era of hard work, it is of great significance for the times to inherit the glorious tradition and red gene of the party and guard the important position of the party.
Red culture provides ideological guidance for cultivating new people of the times. Youth is the future of the country and the hope of the nation. The Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will eventually become a reality in the continuous struggle of generations of young people. Red culture is a true portrayal of the party's glorious tradition and fine style of work. It contains lofty ideals and beliefs, firm political direction, and profound people's feelings. It is the source of power for young people in the new era to absorb wisdom, boost confidence, and increase strength. It is necessary to integrate red culture into ideological and political education, guide young people to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, and values, enhance the ambition, backbone, and confidence of being Chinese, and let the red blood be passed on forever.
Red culture deepens theoretical understanding for cultivating new people of the times. Establishing a correct theoretical understanding is a key link in cultivating new people of the times. Red culture is an important content of advanced socialist culture. It provides an important carrier and a powerful grasp for spreading Marxist scientific theories, carrying out Marxist theoretical education, and studying and implementing Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Red culture educates people with culture, which can make theoretical study more systematic and comprehensive, enhance the affinity and pertinence of ideological and political education, and guide young people to fully understand "why the Communist Party of China can and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good in the final analysis." it's because of Marxism ".
Red culture is to cultivate new people's patriotic feelings. Patriotism is the core content of ideological and political education. The red culture embodies the history of countless martyrs and people's heroes who fought hard, worked hard, and explored bravely. It contains a deep sense of family and country, has a distinctive logo of patriotism, and leads the youth of the new era to consciously resist historical nihilism in the collision and blending of multiple cultures. Protect the root of the country and continue the soul of the nation. Promote the introduction of red culture into campuses, classrooms, and teaching materials, guide young people to remember where the red regime came from and how New China was established, strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four confidences", and achieve the "two" Maintain ", integrate patriotism, national aspirations, and serving the country into the struggle for national rejuvenation.
Let red become the bright background color of ideological and political lessons
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "the essence of ideological and political courses is to be reasonable, to pay attention to ways and methods, to explain the truth deeply, thoroughly, and vividly, teachers should teach attentively, and students should understand attentively, so as to communicate the soul, enlighten the mind, and stimulate the fighting spirit". In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is necessary to actively promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political courses, encourage the exploration of different paths and methods, be good at embedding red culture in the teaching of ideological and political courses, and give play to the main position of inheriting the red gene and cultivating new people of the era., Let the ideological and political course truly become a thoughtful and warm course.
Deep excavation of red cultural resources. The red culture spans time and space, lasts forever, carries the glorious history of the party, builds the spiritual pedigree of the Communists, and is an important resource for college students to carry out ideological and political education. Colleges and universities should strengthen the protection and utilization of red literature, and deeply excavate the philosophical thoughts, humanistic spirit and values contained in red cultural resources. It is necessary to make good use of the red resource bank of the party and the country to guide young people to draw the power to pursue truth and transform the world from the red culture. Ideological and political teachers should clearly explain the main theme and mainstream essence of the party's historical development from the multi-dimensions of history, theory, and practice, enhance the youth's self-confidence and recognition of the party, nation, and country, and give full play to the effectiveness of red culture in educating people with culture.
Improve the red education management mechanism. To run China's higher education well, we must adhere to the party's leadership, firmly grasp the party's leadership over the work of colleges and universities, and make colleges and universities a strong position to adhere to the party's leadership. It is necessary to innovate the management mechanism of ideological and political courses and promote the scientific, institutionalized and standardized teaching of red culture education. The party committee of colleges and universities should strengthen the leadership and guidance of ideological and political teaching management in the aspects of work pattern, team building and support guarantee. Red culture education should be incorporated into the teaching plan and outline to create a high-level ideological and political course. Improve the teaching operation mechanism, change the mode of individual combat, establish an ideological and political social practice resource library, promote the deep integration of ideological and political small classrooms and social classrooms, and form a work pattern of joint management, each performing its own duties, and coordination.
Innovative red culture education form. To inherit the red gene, we should conform to the new era, face the new youth, grasp the new trend, innovate the teaching form of Ideological and political education, embed the red culture in theoretical teaching, practical teaching and network teaching, establish a three-dimensional teaching mode of Ideological and political course, and realize the integration and utilization of multiple teaching resources. It is necessary to attach importance to practical education methods, extend ideological and political classrooms to the fields, and use red cultural research bases to carry out experiential, interactive, and immersive teaching methods, so that explicit education and implicit education can penetrate each other. Use modern new technology to realize the innovative transformation of red cultural resources, create a propaganda platform that students love to see, make ideological and political courses "live" and "move", promote ideological and political education into the mind and heart, and let the revolution be passed on from generation to generation. (Source: Guangming Daily Author: Chai Nian, Wang Yue)

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