Rongfa Group Launches Voluntary Service Activities of "Warm Childlike Heart for Love"

In order to solidly promote the "work style ability improvement year" activity, based on "seeking for the masses", forging work style ability, practicing the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and giving better play to the important role of voluntary service in serving the people's livelihood and promoting the progress of social civilization, Rongfa Group organized a civilized practice youth volunteer service team to come to Huangdao deaf children's language training center to carry out the volunteer service activity of "warm childlike innocence for love and stick to love, provide family companionship for orphans and disabled children, let children feel the warmth of society, and use mutual help to convey warmth and spread love.
Before the start of the activity, on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, the volunteers of Rongfa Group, led by Director Shi Qingjuan, visited the Kai Yin Room, Kai Zhi Room, Individual Training Room and Sense and Unity Training Room on the spot. They learned in detail about the school's school-running conditions and teaching facilities, and experienced closely the persistence, love and responsibility of Director Shi Qingjuan's team for more than ten years, as well as the successful experience and teaching achievements in education for disabled children. They are not only "teachers", but also "mothers". They water "broken-winged angels" with wisdom and love, patience and perseverance, and it is not easy for them to let their dreams bloom.
In the activity, volunteers walked into the children's lives, the children performed programs for everyone, the volunteers chatted with the children, told stories, and distributed the donated toys, clothes, rice noodles and other necessities of life to the children, bringing them closer. The distance with the children. At the end of the activity, the volunteers also prepared delicious cakes for the children and sent a warmth and blessing to the children in need with practical actions.
Every disabled child is an angel with broken wings. Caring for disabled children is a long-term work. In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, highlight the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, mobilize and gather social forces, call on more caring companies and caring people to participate in children-caring activities, do practical and good deeds for disadvantaged groups, and create care for children in difficulties. A safe, harmonious and healthy growth environment contributes to building a warm enterprise.
West Coast New District Oriental Deaf Language Training Center (formerly Jiaonan City Deaf Language Training Center) was founded in March 2005. It is located in Xinzhuang Village, Zhushan Sub-district Office, Huangdao District (formerly Jiaonan City). It was founded by teacher Shi Qingjuan with the support of the CDPF and relevant government departments. It has a sound room, a wisdom room, a training room and a sensory system training room. The center is a comprehensive rehabilitation institution integrating education and rehabilitation of disabled children. It is the earliest language training pioneer for deaf children in the city and a designated rehabilitation institution for the disabled in Qingdao.
The institution now has more than 50 children in training, including deaf children, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism. The teaching forms are divided into day care classes and full care classes. In order to enable parents to better understand children's learning situation, each child is equipped with a parent contact book and a children's learning record book. And free listening language assessment for children, the development of individual training programs, for different children to carry out one-on-one teaching.
Since its establishment, with the strong support of leaders at all levels and all walks of life, and with the unremitting efforts of all staff, the center has achieved certain results. Honorary titles such as "Advanced Collective" and "Ten Good Things" and "City Home for Disabled Children. The center adheres to the concept of "care is strength", people-oriented, scientific training methods, serious work spirit, and strive to improve all aspects of the ability of children who come to receive training, and can basically adapt to the social environment, have the ability to live and work independently, and develop their hobbies and expertise.

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