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[Year of Style Ability Improvement] Two projects undertaken by Rongfa Group won another award

Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of Shandong Province issued the "Notice on Commending the 2021 Taishan Cup Award for Engineering Construction in Shandong Province" and the "Announcement on the 2021 Provincial Construction Safety and Civilization Standardization Site (Housing Construction Project)", respectively announcing the 2021 Taishan Cup Award for Engineering Construction in Shandong Province and the 2021 Provincial Construction Safety and Civilization Standardization Site List, the comprehensive environmental improvement and upgrading project of Guzhenkou area undertaken by Rongfa Group, a state-owned enterprise in Qingdao West Coast New District, won the third prize of Taishan Cup Award for Engineering Construction in Shandong Province, and the second phase of Guzhenkou Science and Technology Incubation Center Project won the 2021 Provincial Construction Safety and Civilization Standardization Site.
The comprehensive improvement and upgrading project of the regional environment of the ancient town entrance was undertaken by Rongfa Group, with a total investment of 0.36 billion yuan. The project focuses on the large-scale supporting infrastructure, the large-scale improvement of the park environment, the large-scale construction of integration atmosphere and the large-scale regulation of the shoreline river, helping the appearance of the ancient town entrance to change with each passing day. During the construction process, all participating units fought day and night and continued to fight. According to the concept of sponge city construction, 13 roads were newly built, including Xiugu Road, Yongjun Road, West Section of Bay Road, Jasper Road, Longmending Road, Haiyannan Second Road, Fusion 1st Road, Lidao Road, Crew Cadet North Road, South Extension of Fusion Road, South Extension of Haijun Road, Reconstruction and Upgrading of Yingshanchuan Road, 25 kilometers of new roads have been built and rebuilt, and the road network system has been gradually improved. Projects such as overhead lines underground, pipeline renovation and relocation of communication base stations will be implemented. 21 locations and 11 kilometers of electric power underground, 150 kilometers of municipal pipe culverts will be laid, 1650 new street lamps will be installed, and 9 communication base stations will be relocated and renovated. Seven new bridges were built, two aprons on Sansha Road were built, six parking lots such as Longmen Top and Taizigou River Bank in Navy Park were added, and 272 parking spaces were added. Plant 2.63 million seedlings of various types, build 380000 square meters of green space, upgrade 470000 square meters, and add 3800 tons of landscape stones. 22 new signs, 11 landscape sculptures and other structures and 1507 road flags have been installed. The taste of the park has been continuously improved and the integration atmosphere has become stronger.
In 2021, with the approval of the Provincial Leading Group Office for Meritorious Service and Honor Commendation, through unit declaration, level-by-level recommend, centralized selection and social publicity, the project was awarded the third prize of Shandong Province Engineering Construction Taishan Cup Award, which has played an exemplary and leading role in solidly promoting the quality of the province and brand strategy and giving full play to high-quality projects.
The Guzhenkou Science and Technology Incubation Center project is located to the north of Yingshanhong Road and to the west of Yongjun Road in the core area of Guzhenkou, and is invested and constructed by Rongfa Group. The total investment of the project is 0.655 billion yuan, the total area of the project is 68.547 mu, the planned construction area is 72665.83 square meters, the above ground construction area is 54755.52 square meters, and the underground construction area is 17910.31 square meters. It mainly builds a comprehensive center, a research and development center, an incubation center, a maker center and outdoor supporting projects.
After the completion of the project, it will create a comprehensive mass innovation space integrating comprehensive office, scientific and technological innovation, maker education, product research and development and other functions. Relying on the scientific research and talent advantages of the science and education innovation zone in the core area of Guzhenkou, it will become a distinctive scientific and technological achievement transformation, High-tech business incubation, innovative and entrepreneurial talent training and strategic emerging industry cultivation highland provide important support and guarantee for the Guzhenkou core area to promote the integration of industry-university-research and implementation of national strategy.
In the process of project construction, all participating units continue to promote the standardization of safety management. The construction site earnestly implements the requirements of the Group's "Construction Project Safety Management Regulations" and "Quality, Environment and Safety Integrated Management Manual". The office area and production area are uniformly arranged and the site is clean and orderly. Safety model display area and safety experience area have guided the standardization of safety facilities and safety operation; the shaped protective railings, detachable protective sheds, and fully enclosed protective frame are firm and beautiful, which provide a reliable guarantee for safe production. In the process of creating a safe and civilized construction site, the safety control of all employees and the whole process has been strengthened, and the safety management work has been carried out steadily and solidly, which has improved the economic and social benefits of the enterprise.
In the next step, Rongfa Group will use this as an opportunity to win awards, strengthen responsibilities, be brave to take responsibility, create high-quality projects, take the year of style and ability improvement as the main line, practice the "front-line work method", give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress, and insist on using "Learning" to enhance combat effectiveness; use "standards" to enhance organizational strength; use "models" to enhance cohesion, with a new attitude and new look, reflect the new burden in serving the national strategy and the overall development of the new area.

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