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[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Courageously Picking up Heavy Burden and Striving for the First in the New Era

"The new era is the era of dream-chasers and the era of young people achieving their dreams. I hope you will have a heart for your motherland, aim high, keep your feet on the ground, create a wonderful life in the struggle, and contribute your youth and strength to the motherland and the people." Some time ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming, congratulating him and the Chinese ice and snow athletes on their outstanding achievements, and put forward ardent expectations.

Young people are the new force in the development of the cause of the Party and the people. Not long ago, the Information Office of the State Council issued the white paper "Chinese Youth in the New Era", which fully demonstrated the spirit of Chinese youth in the new era of hard work and courage. In the ordinary post of struggle and dedication, in the urgent and dangerous tasks in the front, in the grass-roots front line through the tempering, in the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, in the construction of social civilization to attract the first ...... The new era of Chinese youth to do the forefront of the times, pioneers, devotees, showing a bright youthful demeanor, burst out of heroic youthful passion.

If the youth is prosperous, the country will be prosperous, and if the youth is strong, the country will be strong. In the front line of the factory workshop, young workers have worked hard to improve their skills, tighten every screw and weld every joint, striving to be "young post experts" and let "made in China" go to the world. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, more than 320000 youth commandos and more than 550 million young people fought hard in the front line of anti-epidemic, such as medical rescue, transportation and logistics, and project construction, and among the 28600 nurses of the Hubei medical team, "Post-80s" and "post-90s" account for 90%; in major scientific and technological research tasks, a group of young scientific and technological talents with international competitiveness stand out, the average age of the core personnel of the Beidou satellite team is 36 years old, the average age of the quantum science team is 35 years old, and the average age of the Chinese Tianyan FAST R & D team is only 30 years old ...... In the new era, Chinese youth show the overall style of "food and clothing without worrying without forgetting hardship, integrate the" small goals "of personal struggle into the" big blueprint "of the cause of the party and the country, and inject a steady stream of strength into the cause of the party and the people. The vast number of young people have proved with their actions that the Chinese youth in the new era are good and worthy of great responsibility!

A generation has a generation of long march, a generation has a generation of responsibility. The realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires generations of aspiring young people to continue their struggle. The future belongs to the youth, hope to the youth. For the majority of young people, the times call for responsibility, which is not only a historical mission, but also opens up an infinitely broad space for their own growth and achievement of their dreams. In the new era, Chinese youth should shoulder the important tasks entrusted by the times, bravely shoulder heavy burdens, strive to be the first, experience in the responsibility, grow up in the responsibility, and strive to be active promoters of high-quality economic development, active participants in the construction of socialist democratic politics, and socialism. Active creators of cultural prosperity, active practitioners of social civilization and progress, and active builders of beautiful China.

It should be noted that on the road of growth, we are bound to go through ups and downs, and we are bound to encounter ditches and ridges, which requires the broad masses of young people to raise their sails and move forward without fear of hardships and dangers. Young negative vigor, vigorous since sometimes. Going deep into the grassroots and taking the grassroots as the best classroom can provide new assistance for rural revitalization; give full play to imagination and creativity, and have the courage to participate in the increasingly fierce international competition, you can show your talents and serve the society in innovation and entrepreneurship; devote yourself to voluntary service and strive to Be an advocate of positive energy and a practitioner of new fashion, we can lead the new style of the times in the construction of social civilization ...... With the practical action of "permanent struggle" to continue the glorious tradition of "permanent struggle", the young people of China in the new era will not be afraid to face all difficulties and obstacles, to forge ahead in the midst of the waves, to break new ground in the midst of overcoming difficulties, to create achievements in the midst of overcoming difficulties, and to create new miracles with youth and sweat that will make the world take notice.

During his inspection tour at Renmin University of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "I hope that the broad masses of young people will measure the land of the motherland with their feet, discover the Chinese spirit with their eyes, listen to the voice of the people with their ears, and sense the pulse of the times with their hearts". In the new era, Chinese youth are born in a prosperous age and have great potential and will certainly make great achievements. Take over the baton of history, put the feelings of blood thicker than water for the motherland and share the fate with the people throughout the whole process of their studies and integrate them into their career pursuit. Chinese youth in the new era will write a song of youth worthy of this great era. (Source: People's Daily Author: Zhong Yin)

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