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[Year of Style Ability Improvement] Four ships of Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry started on the same day

On May 24, 2022, Jinglu Shipbuilding held a commencement ceremony for four ships on the same day, including two 1800GT American tuna purse seine vessels and two 7999DWT refueling vessels.
The two 1800GT American tuna purse seine vessels are the re-cooperation between Beijing-Lu shipping industry and Taiwan Longshun Group following the two 1200GT and two 1400GT American tuna purse seine vessels. They are independently developed by Beijing-Lu shipping industry and have independent intellectual property rights. Their overall performance and equipment level are leading in China and reach the international level.
On the same day, two 7999DWT refueling vessels built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for Singapore CONSORT BUNKERS Company were also started. These are the sixth and seventh vessels of the same series built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for the company. Their performance and construction quality have been affirmed and recognized by the shipowners.
The four ships started on the same day, playing the production march of the Beijing-Lu shipbuilding industry in the second quarter. Next, Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry will focus on quality, catch up with orders, promote development at full capacity, and make every effort to promote the smooth progress of the project to ensure that the four ships are delivered on schedule.

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