The Guzhenkou National Defense Education Base under Rongfa Group was awarded the first batch of family tutoring and family style construction education bases in Qingdao.

In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on paying attention to the construction of family tutoring and family style, and give full play to the important role of family tutoring and family style construction in cultivating new people of the times, carrying forward fine family style, and strengthening grass-roots social governance, we will promote socialist core values to take root in families and further stimulate the motivation and vitality of family tutoring and family style construction at the grass-roots level, the Qingdao Women's Federation and the Municipal Civilization Office jointly issued the ''Notice on Naming the First Batch of Family Education and Family Style Construction Education Bases in Qingdao, ''naming 17 units (institutions) in our city as the first batch of family education and family style construction education bases in Qingdao. The Guzhenkou National Defense Education Base managed and operated by Rongfa Group successfully made the list.
Qingdao Guzhenkou National Defense Education Base is located at the junction of Yingshanhong Road and Sansha Road in the core area of Guzhenkou in the West Coast New District of Qingdao. It faces the Navy Park in the east and the Dazhushan Scenic Area in the west. It is a red research base in Shandong Province and a research base for primary and secondary school students in Shandong Province.
The base is to build a modern national defense education base featuring "old military camp feelings", with national defense culture as the core, integrating national defense education, military camp experience, military science popularization, and outreach training. It is mainly for party and government agencies, institutions, and militiamen. Reserve forces, young students, and individual families carry out national defense education, patriotism education and family tutoring and family style education.
In order to build a good family, cultivate a good family education, inherit a good family tradition, and promote the socialist core values to take root in the family, Rongfa group has carried out a series of activities with distinct themes and various forms according to local conditions. Through the military cultural experience of "old barracks" and the red inheritance of British model education, we can create a good family education environment and military life experience space, Provide public welfare training and immersive teaching services, and set up family tutors, every year, we organize and carry out a series of special lectures on family education, party day and League Day, military baby research, social practice, voluntary service, theme camp and other activities more than 100 times to strengthen the significance of family style and family education, and guide the establishment of correct family education concept. Since 2018, it has received more than 200000 visits from families, students and all walks of life.
As an important carrier for inheriting civilization, carrying forward virtues, leading fashion and promoting social harmony and stability, the practice base of family tutoring plays an important exemplary role in carrying forward socialist core values and advocating excellent Chinese traditional culture and family virtues. In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to strengthen the construction of positions, coordinate resources of all parties, deepen the family field, enrich the activity carrier, carry out more practical education activities that the family loves to see and are willing to participate in, promote the construction of family civilization, expand its influence, give full play to the educational demonstration and radiation leading role of the practice base, and lead more families to inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Promote social harmony with family harmony, contribute family strength to accelerate the construction of a socialist modern international metropolis in the new era.

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