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[Year of Style Ability Improvement] Rongfa Group: Promoting Rural Revitalization with Style Change and Ability Improvement

Without a good style and professional ability, we will not be able to run the relay race in the new era, we will not be able to run the acceleration of development, and we will not be able to break a new path of high-quality leapfrog development. 2022 is the key year for the full development of rural revitalization. Rongfa Group adheres to the attitude of "starting is sprinting, starting is decisive", adheres to the goal-oriented, problem-oriented and result-oriented, strives to make up for the shortcomings, vigorously implements the project work method, the first-line work method and the typical road-leading method, improves the work style with the spirit of self-revolution and the strength of grasping iron and iron marks, and comprehensively promotes the implementation of rural revitalization to achieve results, practice the responsibility of state-owned enterprises

The Party Committee of Rongfa Group has strengthened the joint construction and co-construction of helping villages, highlighting the leading role of the party organization, adopting the mode of "linking lines with points and gathering strength together", integrating advantageous resources, forming a community of rural assistance, helping villages and towns to transform from material assistance and intellectual support to quality improvement and cultural integration, helping and guiding the paired co-construction of villages to build a good position, build a good road, perfect a good system and drive a good industry. At the same time, the village-level party organization provides the group party committee with a cadre practice base and a research and promotion place for industry work, changing from single activities to comprehensive cooperation, building a normal and sustainable rural revitalization and interaction to promote a new platform, and both parties insist on at least one volunteer service and one visit and condolences every year, deepening the effectiveness of the twinning and co-construction work, and effectively constructing the urban-rural integration of the party building work pattern. At the village-based assistance point, the party branch of Rongfa Group Hualu Company and the party branch of Haoyinjiagou Grid in Dacun Town jointly set up a "Red Party-Mass Service Center" to transform the party's political and organizational advantages into development advantages and jointly promote mutual learning between state-owned enterprises and rural party members. In the core area of Guzhenkou, Rongfa Group's Wen Lu, Property Party Branch and DongXiapo Party Branch jointly launched a Party branch with the theme party day activity of Liuwang Town, it shared the positive experience and effective methods in the party building work of urban and rural grassroots party organizations, and stimulated the endogenous motivation of the party organization.
To strengthen the village collective economy and seize the industrial revitalization will seize the "bull nose". Rongfa Group actively responded to the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee's rural revitalization, implemented the various goals of rural revitalization into specific data, and refined the work progress to each month, implementing one by one, solving one by one, and conquering one by one to ensure Project construction has made progress, breakthroughs, and effectiveness. Under the overall coordination of the New District Working Committee and the Management Committee, and the guidance and help of the District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Culture and Tourism Bureau, Tieshan Street and other departments and units, Rongfa Group and the private enterprise Qingdao Yuancheng Holding Development Group jointly established a joint venture company-Qingdao Rongyuan Yangjiashan Li Investment Development Co., Ltd., insisting on planning first, consolidating the foundation, improving functions, cultivating industries, innovating mechanisms, and creating brands, so that the village collective economy has a new growth point, at present, a total of about 0.287 billion yuan has been invested, more than 10 kilometers of external transportation roads have been opened, more than 3000 mu of land have been transferred, and pastoral life sections such as pastoral co-creation school, pastoral reception hall, pastoral residence courtyard, pastoral workshop, etc. have been built, and commercial clothing supporting facilities such as "food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment" have been continuously improved. In addition, Rongfa Group also discussed with Tieshan Street Office and village collectives the operation mode and mechanism of establishing special cooperatives and land stock cooperatives, so as to promote the establishment of rural cooperatives by village collectives, so as to realize the common people, village collectives and enterprises. Since 2022, the number of tourists in Yangjiashan has exceeded 200000, and the per capita income of villagers in the region has increased by 20% compared with the same period in 2021.
The key to rural revitalization lies in people and doing. Rongfa Group insists on promoting the construction of work style and ability at the grass-roots level, giving full play to the talent advantages of state-owned enterprises, highlighting the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, taking the construction of rural talent team as an important part of rural revitalization, and vigorously implementing the local talent cultivation plan. The group has set up a "Rural Revitalization" talent pool, covering cadres and workers in more than 10 professional fields, such as finance, infrastructure, culture and tourism, to provide policy guidance and technical support for helping villages.
At the same time, Rongfa Group also combines the needs of helping villages to carry out professional and customized training for five types of talents, including agricultural production and management talents, rural secondary and tertiary industry professionals, rural public service talents, rural governance talents, and agricultural and rural scientific and technological talents. Carry out school-enterprise co-construction with Shandong Jianzhu University, Qingdao Technological University and other universities to build a social practice platform for college students, achieve the integration of theoretical knowledge and professional skills in actual combat, and inject strong momentum into rural revitalization.
If the wind is clear, the qi will be upright, if the qi is regular, the heart will be united, and if the heart is united, everything will be done. In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to strengthen the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises, promote the improvement of capacity in improving work style, promote the implementation of work in improving capacity, pay close attention to the small things that the masses expect to solve, promote the upgrading of rural revitalization projects, and create a "Qilu-like" for rural revitalization.Board "to make a greater contribution!

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