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Implement fire protection responsibilities and prevent safety risks-Rongfa Group conducts fire safety training.


In order to strengthen employees' safety awareness, better grasp fire safety knowledge and improve emergency response capabilities, do a good job in the group's "investigation and protection promotion" activities, "disaster prevention and mitigation publicity week" related work, combined with the district party committee and the working committee's safety production decision-making deployment, recently, Rongfa Group Safety Committee Office organized a fire training on "implementing fire protection responsibilities and preventing safety risks", and specially invited staff officer Mao Shulin of Huangdao Fire Rescue Brigade to publicize safety education for employees, popularize safety knowledge.



Combining real cases and the actual needs of the group, the training focused on the main content of the new safety production law, safety management responsibility system and other rules and regulations, and specifically explained the prevention and fighting of initial fires, evacuation and self-rescue, how to correctly alarm, and fire extinguishers. Fire protection knowledge such as types and performance, and how to use fire extinguishers. Through the training, the staff's fire safety awareness has been further enhanced, the staff's safety prevention and self-rescue ability have been improved, the implementation of fire safety responsibility has been strengthened, and the safety fire protection concept of prevention first and combination of prevention and elimination has been conveyed.



This activity is an integral part of the group's continuous implementation of the mass special action of "checking hidden dangers around, ensuring the safety of employees and promoting the development of enterprises" and the relevant work of the 2022 national disaster prevention and mitigation day. Since the beginning of this year, Rongfa Group has closely focused on the theme of "implementing fire protection responsibilities and preventing safety risks", in-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on safe production and fire safety work, and successively carried out fire protection publicity, education and training throughout the group. A number of activities such as special inspections and emergency drills will further enhance the fire safety awareness and fire safety prevention and control capabilities of all employees, so as to prevent problems before they occur, to create a good security environment for the safe and stable development of the Group.

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