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[Year of Improving Style Ability] Rongfa Group: "Improving Style" and "Strong Ability" to Boost Enterprise Development


The tide was rushing in, and the wind was just right for the sails. Since the beginning of this year, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group has adhered to the leadership of Party building in accordance with the activities of the "Year of Work Style and Ability Improvement" of the Working Committee and District Committee. It has focused on the high-quality development goals of new districts and enterprises, and has strengthened its responsibility and innovative working methods in key tasks such as financial resource construction, rural revitalization, major project construction, bulk trade services, and integrated innovation and development, we will do our best to fight the battle of "improving quality and speed up efficiency. In the first quarter, the group's total assets, operating income, and key indicators of profits and taxes increased by 35%, 78%, and 79% respectively over the same period last year. The introduction of tax sources completed 110.2 of the first quarter's task target, achieving a "good start".


Party building leadership strengthens political responsibility

The vast spring breeze is 100,000 miles, and the style of work is being built at the right time. In order to strengthen ideological tempering, practical training, and professional training, and promote the formation of an atmosphere of forge ahead, overcome difficulties, and strive to open up, the party committee of Rongfa Group has always adhered to the leadership of party building, stressed politics with a clear-cut stand, and led cadres above the rate. give full play to the leading role of work style benchmarking.

We will solidly promote the collective study and discussion of the theoretical study center group of the "year of work style and ability improvement", the theme talk of "changing work style, seeking development, striving for first-class", the concentrated investigation of the "year of work style and ability improvement", and the theme party day, so as to strengthen the theoretical armed forces. On this basis, the Party committee of the group promotes the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, firmly grasps the "main responsibility", keeps a close eye on the target and task, sorts out the key work of the whole year, combines the construction of talent team and the education and training of cadres and workers, decomposes the key work of the whole year step by step, compacts the responsibility layer by layer, and transmits the pressure level by level, so as to provide a fundamental guarantee for the implementation of the implementation of various decisions and deployment of the work.


Continue to exert force, temper style ability



Project construction is one of the examination rooms that can best reflect and demonstrate execution. To answer excellent answers in this special examination room, cadres are required to go to the grass-roots level, go deep into the places most needed for project construction, think about project construction, and be urgent for project construction. For this reason, Rongfa Group implements the "front-line work method", improves the ability of grass-roots managers to perform their duties, strengthens the sense of responsibility under the new normal, and requires all cadres and workers to organically combine the activities of the "year of work style and ability improvement" with project construction, "body" into the front-line learning business, "deep" into the front-line to learn the truth, and refine every topic of project construction, take the difficult and painful points of project construction as the entry point of the work, be both a "shopkeeper" and a "quick doctor" to quickly solve new problems in project construction and create a "ballast stone" for project construction ".



At the project site of Rongfa Building, the project manager of the group and the participating units carefully planned and managed scientifically, "listed and sold the number" for the problems existing in the project construction, grasped the time node, and promoted the project construction with high quality and efficiency. All the construction personnel involved in the project "worked in two shifts" and "zero intermittent" construction 24 hours a day. It took 90 hours of continuous struggle to complete the construction of more than 15000 square meters of large-volume raft concrete, and completed the node target with good quality and quantity. At the construction site of Guzhenkou Exhibition Hall, we are facing many difficulties such as tight time, heavy tasks and large change factors. Since receiving the construction task, all departments of the group have worked together and cooperated efficiently, adopting the working method of on-site design of the architectural design institute and simultaneous coordination with the exhibition arrangement, the construction drawing design was completed in a very short time to ensure the progress of the project as scheduled. At present, the Guzhenkou Exhibition Hall has completed the foundation pouring construction and is expected to have the exhibition arrangement conditions by the end of June.



In the first quarter, all 50 key construction projects of the group progressed smoothly, with the solid investment system increasing by 43% compared with the same period last year. In the second quarter, we will continue to seize the project construction tasks at full capacity, accelerate the construction progress of new projects such as Rongfa Building and Guzhenkou Exhibition Hall, and ensure the smooth start of four new projects such as the high-end bearing Qingdao demonstration base project and the repair of Guzhen port line; efficiently promote the progress of continued construction projects such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, stadiums, gymnasiums, and aquarium laboratory buildings to ensure that they are completed and handed over as soon as possible.


Pay close attention to the implementation of comprehensive quality and efficiency



What happens in the world is done carefully and done strictly. In order to fully implement the work style requirements of "strict, true, detailed, practical, and fast" to all aspects of the enterprise, and to ensure that the work style construction achieves practical results, the leading cadres at all levels of the Rongfa Group work hard, rely on the work, and pay close attention to the implementation of the work. Establish the system of "work daily" and "daily war report", grasp the daily work development, ensure the accurate decomposition of objectives and responsibilities, and the efficient implementation of work tasks, so as to "finish the work on the same day". Strengthen supervision and assessment, make good use of the assessment "baton", focus on getting through the "last mile" of implementation, further optimize the evaluation of the "monthly star" and "three innovation" labor competition, timely reward and effective incentive. Select trees to cultivate advanced models, let more backbones, pioneers, and benchmarks stand out, and effectively create a talent ecology of "the capable, the average, and the mediocre", forming an entrepreneurial atmosphere of catching up with and surpassing learning.

Style ability to improve, always on the road. In the next step, Rongfa Group will closely focus on the decision-making and deployment of the Management Committee of the New District Working Committee, strengthen the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, forge the iron army of state-owned enterprises, make every effort to overcome difficulties, coordinate project construction and market operation, and build a national first-class integrated and innovative professional investment platform. The new district fulfills the national strategic mission and builds a new era of socialist modernization demonstration and leading area, making new contributions.

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