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[Year of Improving Style and Ability] Police and Enterprises Jointly Build Peace-Rongfa Group and Huangdao Traffic Police Jointly Carry out Voluntary Service Activities of "Civilized Traffic, New Style, Civilized Travel First"


Civilized transportation, everyone involved. In order to guide the general public to consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations, create a harmonious and civilized traffic environment, and enhance the ability of cadres and workers to serve the public needs of the society, on April 27, Rongfa Group, together with the traffic police brigade of Huangdao Branch of Qingdao Public Security Bureau, launched a voluntary service activity of "civilized traffic, civilized travel first.



Before the start of the activity, the police of the special service team of Huangdao traffic police brigade moved the traffic safety education and training to the activity site to explain the road traffic safety laws and regulations and safe travel knowledge for the volunteers, so that the volunteers had a deeper understanding of civilized traffic and laid a solid foundation for carrying out voluntary service activities.



During the event, volunteers wore uniform clothing and held civilized traffic persuasion flags to assist traffic police in maintaining traffic order, politely reminded and guided passing pedestrians and vehicles to abide by traffic rules, and orderly carried out civilized transportation practices such as civilized riding, vehicle courtesy of zebra crossings, turning and changing lanes and turning lights, etc., and publicized civilized transportation knowledge to the masses, and promoted the concept of voluntary service with practical actions, Let the general public practice civilized action and understand the connotation of civilized city.



Through civilized transportation persuasion volunteer activities, volunteers use practical actions to actively drive the general public to consciously become practitioners of civilized transportation, further establish the concept of "rejecting bad habits, safe and civilized travel", and fully demonstrate the "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress" Volunteer service spirit, transmit the positive energy of civilization, and use voluntary service "small actions" to escort the safety of the masses and "great people's livelihood".



In the next step, Rongfa Group will closely focus on the "Year of Work Style and Ability Improvement" activities, and use voluntary service as an "important classroom" to change the style and ability of cadres and employees to "talk about politics in everything, work for the masses, focus on practical results, and strive for success." First-class "style ability, constantly polish the party building brand of" sunshine and development, dedication to me ", actively practice social responsibility, and demonstrate the mission of state-owned enterprises, build a warm business.

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