[Year of Style Ability Improvement] The main construction of the 202-meter high-tech landmark in the West Coast New District undertaken by Rongfa Group is in full swing.

Recently, the Rongfa Building project located in the core area of Guzhenkou in the West Coast New District completed the pouring of large-volume raft concrete, marking the full start of the main construction of the project. As a key project at the municipal level in Qingdao, Rongfa Building is invested and constructed by Rongfa Group, a state-owned enterprise in the new district, with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan. In view of the large-volume raft concrete pouring, the construction party, China Railway Construction, overcame the difficulties of large quantity and variety of concrete, and organized nearly 200 front-line builders to carry out continuous construction for 90 hours day and night to ensure the smooth completion of pouring.



Zhang Ji'an, Project Production Manager of Rongfa Building of China Railway Construction Industry: The construction is relatively difficult, mainly because raft construction involves more civil air defense areas, involving 5 kinds of concrete grades. Five different grades need to be poured on different parts, including personnel, materials and various resource allocation. We have also made precise deployment to complete large-volume raft concrete pouring with good quality and quantity.



It is understood that the total construction area of the project is nearly 250000 square meters, including two towers A and B, of which Tower A has 43 floors and a height of 202 meters. The entire project is planned to be completed and delivered in 2025. After it is put into use, it will focus on attracting finance, scientific research, etc. High-tech and high-growth enterprises settle in to build a new district science and technology headquarters base.



Chen Chenglong, engineer of Rongfa Group: It is the highest project currently under construction in the West Coast New District. After completion in the future, it will achieve an annual output value of over 0.6 billion yuan and a tax revenue of over 0.1 billion yuan. It will improve the construction of supporting facilities in the core area of Guzhenkou, optimize the environment for attracting investment, and help the new district to "double recruit and double attract".


In the first quarter of this year, Rongfa Group, in accordance with the new area "style capacity improvement year" activity deployment, the effectiveness of improving the style capacity reflected in the project front line, on the basis of doing a good job of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, to promote the construction of 50 key projects, solid investment in the same period last year increased by 43%. In the next step, the group will closely focus on the decision-making and deployment of the New District Working Committee Management Committee, carry out in-depth "Work Style Ability Improvement Year" activities, forge the iron army of state-owned enterprises, continue to work at full capacity, and make every effort to overcome difficulties, ensure new breakthroughs in project construction, and be brave for the new district. Undertake the national strategic mission, build a new era of socialist modernization demonstration and leading area, and contribute the wisdom and strength of state-owned enterprises.

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